December 15, 2017


Buying for boys can sometimes take us out of our comfort zones and lead us to panic buy really crappy generic gifts. Well it’s not your fault, they told you they didn’t want anything/not bothered, but let’s be real everyone wants something special for Christmas. So, if you’re looking to step it up this year and do the man in your life justice, then this gift guide is for you!

Just like my last post, Gift Guide: For Her I have picked different items to fit into three different categories: Beauty, Style & Lifestyle.
I especially love the techy items in this gift guide because I definitely don’t think they are limited to just being gifts for men. I would be super happy if someone bought me a drone! Check it out!


Personal grooming is just as important for men as it is for women. The fanciest toothbrush I’ve ever seen. He can’t go wrong with whiter teeth but get him to brush his teeth in style and stop chewing his toothbrush to shreds, if he’s anything like my brother... Available in Rose Gold too!

There’s nothing better than a man that smells amazing. Dior Sauvage has a woody, spicy strong scent that’s alluring and hands down beats a Lynx Set.

Have you ever been in an Aesop shop? The products are perfectly aligned around the shop, it’s Heaven and the products, even more heavenly. This luxurious set is a real treat after a long day or workout. Clean and refreshed. What more could he want?

#Teamcosy is a way of life for everyone. Snuggly and comfortable and if its for your other half then you can steal it when he’s not there. Win win.

  5.    Alphabet Wash Bag
He’s going to need somewhere to store his Aesop kit or you can fill it up with other goodies you think he may need. Affordable and personal.


This jumper is 90s vibes personified. I am obsessed with the retro repeated “vision” logo. They would look great with a pair of jeans or matching coloured joggers.

A pricey gift but they look lit with the right outfit. Perfect colour for this season and would look great with Item 9.

My brother usually leaves the house bagless with only his wallet and phone in his pockets. But when he goes to the gym or needs an overnight bag he uses his Superdry rucksack. Its durable, spacious and goes with any outfit.

Camo is big this season and these pair are trendy and cool af. My brother practically lives in his so I think that’s a thumbs up for sure.

Upgrade his wrist to something special. It looks like a standard watch but has a techy twist: built-in tracker to count his steps or monitor his goals. I wonder if it will fit my wrist?...


I mean do you need a reason for this one? If you do then you need to type “epic drone footage” into YouTube search. Thank me later.

Star Wars Film is out today!! Perfect gift for a fan, there are also Yoda slippers!!

This is really a gift for the household. It can turn on and off the lights in your home, call your friends,  play music and a lot more. I have one and its pretty cool.

You can turn your phone into a Gameboy! You may have to hide his phone cos this is really addictive and super nostalgic. And its gone down to £49! Get it before it goes!

I know this may seem generic but sometimes you can’t beat a good ole mug and a pair of socks. Classic.

There you have it, my gift recommendations for the men in your life this Christmas. I know I’ll be purchasing some of the items.


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