November 13, 2017


Hey guys! I know I’m cutting it a bit fine with yesterdays post but I didn’t expect Sunday to come around so fast! So Monday becomes Sunday, lawl I promise I will get better with sticking my uploading days (can we at least applaud the fact I am uploading at all though?? Lol) Lets catch up lol…

·      M&Co SS18 Press Day. On Monday I attended the M&Co press day, I was kindly invited to see their Spring/Summer 2018 Collection at Gallery Different, Fitzrovia. It’s was my second time attending a press day so I was little nervous as 1. I was going by myself and 2. I had no idea what I was supposed to do once I got there! I had expected the person who invited me to be in attendance but came to realise on arrival that I was clearly on my own. Luckily a very kind member of the M&Co team took me around the showroom, explaining the new pieces to be released next year. The womenswear collection was fresh with statement embroidery pieces to be mixed and matched with core basics like white jeans, maxi skirts etc. I particularly loved their occasion wear floral patterned dresses and a tweed jacket that was very chanel-esque. I was kindly gifted my own customised flower bouquet by Hiding In The City florist who were onsite and lunch c/o Social Pantry. Not a bad way to spend a Monday, eh?!

·      I did it! I haven’t been feeling too well this week partly my own doing as I’m a person who seems to come alive after 9pm, which means I end up going to sleep at 3am! I cant help it I just seem to be most productive at these hours, but unfortunately its wreaking havoc on body. Physically at 3am I feel fine but even if I was to still get 8 hrs sleep I wake up with a terrible headache, dark circles and just feel absolutely exhausted. Because of this I haven’t really felt up to making new content and so I decided to repost a pic I took this time last year, would you believe that this pic sent my following on IG from 1.7k to 1.8k! I finally passed 1.7k that I’ve been stuck on for months but after all the bellyaching I did on my last catch up post, it seems it had more to do with my content than the IG algorithm! My post usually generate 150-300 likes max but this post got over 700+ likes (in Oct 2016 it received 600+ likes) guess I have to give the people more of what they like!

I know that followers is a part of the blogging game but I don’t want to get caught up in it. Last time I mentioned it I kind of felt quite bratty for moaning about followers, it’s such a 1st world problem and I was in my feelings because I was watching everyone else’s platform grow and being child shouting “what about me!” lol. I was told in the comments in my last post to focus on the content and the following will take care of itself and that’s what I plan to do.

·      Rolling with the homies. I haven’t seen my work colleagues in 5months but Vin and Phil are more than work colleagues there like my little brothers. When I left my work place I needed some time to adjust to life without the stress of that place and they respected that and gave me space to be me. We finally ended our hiatus on Saturday and met up for Nando’s and a catch up. Honestly I never realised how much I really missed them and how important it is to be around people who really root for you and care about you. I admit I have consciously removed myself from the company of others as I felt they no longer had my back. I felt it for a while but lately I been making stronger decisions even if that means being on my own. The boys are good people though and I didn’t stop smiling and joking the whole time we were in each others company. We went to see the Christmas lights in Oxford Street, but the official ones are not yet up so we admired the high street shops who have already got into the Christmas spirit. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

·      History in the making. Today I picked up the December issue of Vogue with the beautiful Adwoa Aboah gracing the front cover. I cannot tell you the last time I bought Vogue - it was a very loooooooooooooong time ago. I am super excited to see what the new editor Edward Enninful will bring along with his more diverse team. Very exciting times! The legendary makeup artist Pat Mcgrath killed this 70s bold look, I can’t take my eyes off it. I can’t wait to go through it, I’m thinking quiet time with coffee and morning pastry. Have you picked up a copy?

Ok I’m off. I should have been in bed 4hrs ago, getting my beauty sleep ahead of an exciting treat I have booked for later this morning! Can you tell I am all over the place with my sleep routine, blog uploads and life in general? Perhaps that’s something I will work on this week.

Lavinya- x

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