August 01, 2017


Hey guys the braids are gone :( letting go of the braid life was hard but they were snatching my edges harder than BeyoncΓ©'s announcement of her baby twins names...
I'm really in the mood to experiment with new protective hairstyles and I after taking down my braids I randomly decided to do bantu knots with some left over braiding hair using the rubber band method. *Quick tut* (I parted my hair secure it with a rubber band, plait the hair with my own hair and halfway change from plaiting to twisting all the way to the end and then wrap it around itself to form the knot)

I havent worn this hairstyle since my childhood, my mum would put my hair this way after washing and towel drying it. I hated it. Now, I think I kinda like it lol...funny how times change.

Lavinya - x