June 26, 2017


Last week my little sister surprised me with this mock up magazine cover. This is actually a draft of her cover letter and she put me in her place to test it out and I was so blown away by it! It got me thinking how cool would it be to be on the cover of a magazine?? I never even dared to dream such a thing, but this image has really inspired me to keep working hard because for many people being on the cover of a magazine has been possible so why cant it be possible for me???

We all want things to happen in our lives and I want to let you know they are possible!

I dont know what your dreams are, what you want to achieve but it doesn't matter what is I believe in you! You have all the tools you need before you and if you dont then its time to make each day count towards gaining them.

Change. We all desire it especially when it concerns our on personal growth but sometimes change is not so easy to attain, it requires determination, relentlessness, sacrifice and a plan of action. So..

This week what steps will you take to help you move closer to your goal? Write them down, draw them, vision board them whatever it takes you keep you focus because I definitely think that seeing your goals helps to motivate you into action, my sisters mock up magazine cover certainly did for me.

Be encouraged. It is possible.

Lavinya - x

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