June 11, 2017


Happy June guys! I'm really excited to be in this half-way point of 2017 as I see it as a fresh start for the rest of the 6 months left of this year. Jan - May has been really crazy for me, I've been having a lot of work issues, so no surprise there, but these last 6 months have left my brain fried and reflecting on my goals. I admit I have lost sight of them and got very very lost in the sauce lol. At the start of the year I had alot of things I wanted to achieve and looking over the last 6months its hard for me to see the results of them. So I decided that setting goals for the month would help me to break down my goals into smaller chunks and help me recap that month to see if I really have made any progress. 



I remember seeing a tweet about how blogging has become the very thing it was created to escape, this being the "magazine aesthetic". The very first blogs I began reading back in '09 was angelicablick.se and kenzas.se two swedish bloggers who uploaded daily and their pics where not to the standard they are today, if you scroll back you wont see many "editorial/magazine-y" blog posts it was very much mirror selfies or candid photo's but there was an authenticity about their blogging that kept drawing me back to their site to check out more of them. Thats what I want to achieve with my own blogging. My pics wont always be glossy, will most probably be taken in the corner of my room because unfortunately I dont have an instagram hubby or anyone who is capable of taking anything but a blurry pic but I hope you enjoy my posts regardless. Maybe one day it will get there but for now I really want to be consistent on producing content for you to have a reason to read my blog!


Last year I really neglected my health - mentally, physically and financially
I was stuck in a cycle of late nights and early rising, go to work, stay late in the office, go home and repeat. No matter how many times I planned my weekends to catch up with friends or blogging I would always fail because my body would literally crash into a heap of tiredness. Unfortunately these habits have crept into 2017 and now its time to do something about it, a more positive routine:
  • Make time for breakfast
  • Daily meal prep healthy lunchs to avoid eating fast food for lunch #iknowterrible #dontjudgeme 
  • Actually use the gym membership I've been paying for since Jan! Instead of going home afterwork attend an evening class.
  • Go to sleep at a decent time. #FOMO is real guys but a good evening routine should help me shut off from social media.
  • Blogging can be expensive business, if I really dont need it I shouldn't be buying it.
  • You can never have too many baths and pamper sessions especially after a long week!


Have you ever watched a vlog based in your home town? The vlogger somehow manages to make it look different, more exciting, more special. I dont spend enough tome appreciating where I live. Travelling abroad has always been a desire of mine but maybe I would benefit just as much from exploring my surroundings more.


I'm tired of wishing I'm doing something or regret I didn't go somewhere because I have no one wants to go. I really wanted to go to couple festivals this year but no one was on it so thank God for livestreams and snapchat. But you know I want to see more live music, plays, movies. Treat myself and go on more spa days and not everyone likes those things but I do so sometimes you gotta do stuff for yourself. DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY.


Blogging can sometimes get you caught up in playing the numbers game. How many followers do I have? How many likes did I get on my pic? How many retweets have a got? Stepping away from my phone and laptop and taking a break from the internet is a must but not just from social media but Youtube and TV Shows too. I dedicate way to many time to my digital life. I would love to read more, spend some time journalling or on self care. I've just bought Get Your Sh*t Together by Sarah Knight and The Five Minute Journal and I cant wait to get started on them!

Do you have any goals for June?

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