December 19, 2016


1. Chilling on a float in Marmaris, Turkey take me baaaack!
2. Hotel Selfie game strong this time rocking purple braids

3. Commissioned artwork by my incredibly talented brother, Nathan Royes

4. Lazy Saturday's be like...The Gentlewoman Magazine x Tea

5. Mirror selfie in Michael Kors, loving white toes again and open toe booties!
6. Freaking Gracie Francesca - I've need a break but it was so sweet for her to even care! I had a fangirl moment ngl.

8. Going out for lunch to Bluebells of Portobello - I had the large salad with was huuuuge but 100% delicious!
9. If you went shopping but didn't take a changing room selfie...did you really go shopping?

I thought I would share with you guys some pictures that have been sitting in my photo roll. Have a great week!

Lavinya - x

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