September 13, 2016


Do you have to be a die-hard fan to justify wearing a band tee? The main reason I bought this T-shirt was for the colours in the design, I actually thought it said "The Goonies" - (y'kno the 80s classic teen film!). In my defence, the opening guitar solo to "Sweet Child O' Mine' happens to be one of my favourites by the Guns N' Roses, but regardless the T-shirts mine now lol!

Band tee's were a massive thing in the 90s and its safe to say 90s fashion revival has not yet finished influencing the fashion market today. The safe way to style up your graphic/band T-shirt would involve ripped jeans, with a checked shirt tied round the waist but thats so yesterday. Honestly, truly. (If your familiar with Joanne The Scammer you will understand that reference...)


Break the monotony with a pencil skirt, denim or leather mini skirt and finesse in a pair of patent boots, Yeezy style, like these gorgeous pair from Ego Official.

Or try tucking your t shirt into a pleated midi skirt like this lovely gold one by Zara and finish with a pair of trainers. Now all of a sudden Lily Allen circa 2005 aesthetic makes sense to me...

Let me know what you think of my look!

Lavinya x

September 09, 2016


Hello!!! I have blonde hair and I love it! Im not ready to give up the braid life and tbh I dont ever see myself going back to life before braids lol. I am getting so much quicker at doing them myself, this only took 6hrs! For those who may be interested I used Kanekalon braiding hair in colour 27.

My birthday is in 10 days and I needed a change before starting a new chapter of life. Do you guys like it? Totally serving you guys rock chic with my Lamoda faux nose ring, winged liner and leather jacket, whats not to like?

Lavinya - x

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