April 04, 2016


Happy April! Well the first 3 months of 2016 have literally flown by right!? Sometimes its so scary to keep track of time but I always see April as a mini new year. Being a Christian I have always reflected on Jesus' crucifixion, His dying on the cross allowed my past to be washed away and so I always feel like this is a new start, new beginning. Maybe you celebrate Easter, maybe you dont but regardless seeing as were in the 4th month of the year this is the perfect time to start planning how you would like to see the next 3 months turn out!

A topic that has become a source of discussion with a lot of people I have been talking to is this reluctancy to plan because their simply scared it will never come to fruition or being scared of what others may think of our ideas; but how will you know that you can if you never try!!! People tend to project their fears onto you but you cant let that be the thing to put you off trying something new or building on what you have; you have to use it as motivation let me tell you how...



There will always be expectations from family, friends, whoever. But the only voice you should stay true to is yours. This is your life and you only get one you owe it to yourself to live it the way you want to, if people have a problem with what you've got going on thats THEIR problem! And I speak from experience; my recent promotion has seen the very people I considered as "work friends" to do a complete 360 and become strangers purely by their own doing. Its THEIR problem! Do not concern yourself in trying to please everyone, it will drain you and make you unhappy and they won't care. Its your business to know yourself so that whatever comes your way you can't be swayed. Life is too short to be something and someone your not.



Not everyone will understand what it is you want from life. Some may rubbish your ideas, or suggest that your better at something else. You deserve to be proud of everything you have achieved and everything you want to do but be selective with who you share your visions with. Not everyone has to know your next move! Sometimes it pays to keep your cards close to your chest. Yes its nice to have support but sometimes you have to encourage yourself and if you become your own cheerleader so when times may get tough you wont need to rely on anyone else to tell you your worth so much more than that negative thought trying to bring you down.



Its so easy to go with the flow but I watch the flow everyday on my morning commute to work; a herd of grey moving down the escalators with solemn faces and the only words exchanged are "can you move down inside the carriage please" and maybe they like the flow, maybe it actually works for them (their faces say otherwise but anywhooo) but the flow is not for me but it has a funny old way of seeping into your psyche and turning a "I will do that when I get home from work" to a "I will do that tomorrow night" and then before you know it tomorrow night turns into the twelfth of never. This a personal concern of mine but this is when you need to call upon your organisational skills, plan your days more effectively and be disciplined enough to stick to it; that way if you do have to have a routine its a routine that allows your to use your time productively in helping you closer and closer to the things you hope to achieve.



You will probably find that the biggest obstacle to overcome is yourself. Self-doubt stems from fear and fear could rob you from progressing. Sometimes we can get caught up with concerning our thoughts on everything were not. But that is so wrong! Nobody is you and THAT is your power! Our own limitations confine us to a stationary place of what we think were capable of because were scared of failing/rejection. But there is nothing wrong with failure; failure is not a measure of everything you haven't achieved its in face the exact opposite its a testament to everything to gave a try to and thus you can never look back and wonder "what if".
If your plagued with thoughts that your just not good enough then theres two ways to deal with this IMO:

1. Let 'they' decided. 
So your not going to apply for that job because you think your not qualified enough or ready? Your not going to submit that article because you think your not that good a writer? Well before you completely write yourself off, challenge yourself and apply for it anyway! There is no harm in trying and the worst thing that can happen is "no" - dont be the one who says no before you've even tried.

2. Invest your time building that skill. 
"Practice makes perfect" thats the cliche saying right but its true. Its far to easy to quit but instead if you "think" your not a good writer…write more, read more, practice more and if your don't "think" you have the right skills, then this is your time to master them. 

Remember there is light, life and love beyond the words we let break us down and the names we call ourselves. Take one step at a time but make sure its a step FORWARD!

Have a great week!

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