February 14, 2016


Dear Single Ladies, I dont know you personally but I do know its easy to feel the pressure on Valentines Day better known to us as "Single Awareness Day" 
Theres this annoying narrative that single people are unhappy and our lives our empty because we can't instagram a picture with the caption "the boy done good" but you know what forget the labels there are 5 things I'd like to share with you...


Do you know how much money your saving? Gurl listen, if your ex's where anything like mine, then you have saved yourself alot! Yes I know your longing for your "soul mate" but there will be plenty of "Valentines Day" in your lifetime, if you have to spend one or two alone its not the end of the world! Patience may need to be your virtue for a while. Remember when you rushed love? Look how that ended up. There is no need to hurry, let go of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and love the life your living. If all your expectations of love are wrapped up in this one day its time to take a deep look at yourself.

Give all that love you have...to yourself. #treatyoself I cant say it enough! Pamper yourself with a relaxing bath, facial or mani/pedi. Spend a little money on yourself, need some ideas look here! Wear that dress you've been saving and get all pretty. I have been saving this American Apparel dress for years! My ex's were not the most creative when it came to Valentines day, so I've never had a chance to wear it, but today I decided to show it some love on the blog. Practice some self love today; Valentines is all about love and no one deserves your love more than you do.


Will all those loved up couples keep surprising each other with gifts and romantic captions on the 15th? Spare a thought for the couples who's only expression of love will come on Valentines Day. Theres enormous pressure on couples to seem loved up too. Let them have their moment in the sun. True love is not about Valentines Day its about lifelong connection with someone that excels beyond material gifts and public declaration. 

Set your troubles aside for the day and send some love to friends and family. Ever heard people say "I wish I had told them how much they meant to me..." Well make today that day. Send a text, make a call, send a card to those you care about and let them know how much you care. Chances are there someone you know who is also single and could do with some encouragement, spread love.


This is your time to do whatever it is you want
I used to think "Why am I single?" but then I looked back at points in my life when I was in a relationship and wondered "Why wasn't I single?"
I am a hopeless romantic and in the past I have been known to fall very quickly for someone and allow my world to revolve around him. If I had stayed single during my Uni days I would've had more time to go out with my friends instead of at home checking the signal on my phone in case I had missed his call. He never wanted to go out. But that was his problem not mine so why did I adopt his problem as my own? or define myself within his parameters of likes and dislikes? Sometimes the need to be loved can be detrimental to the growth of our character and personality.

2006 Lavinya didn't know her own mind. I have been called "high maintenance" in the past and I convinced myself that that was a bad thing so I changed. 2016 Lavinya has no intention of changing, if you cant match my fly then "to the left, to the left." Keep it moving bruh. I am not defined by my singleness. I dont go around introducing myself as "Hi I'm Lavinya and I'm single" In fact most times when the topic of relationships comes up people are surprised to know I am single. In this time of my life I choose to be single and I am going to use that time productively and not wallow in self pity because I dont have a Valentine. 

So dear single ladies, love your single years, don't put your life on hold waiting on someone to complete you because time will still carry on regardless and once that time is gone its gone!

Love Lavinya x

What I'm Wearing:

American Apparel Ribbed Midi Dress - Similar
Ebay "Alexander Wang Freja" Dupes - Similar 
Monsoon Faux Fur Stole - Similar
Primark "Choker"

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