September 30, 2015


I love military jackets, I have literally worn out my vintage camouflage jacket to death and with oversized balloon sleeves and a flattering waist this H&M Cargo Jacket is definitely an upgrade!

Dont let the sunshine fool ya Londoners, its definitely getting colder! Most shops have moved their A/W wears onto the shop floors and I've found so many nice pieces perfect for transitioning into the colder weather. Consciously trying to keep my spending to a minimal as I'm sure I've already got clothes to carry me through to winter. What I really have my sights set on is a nice winter coat (or two), boots and more turtlenecks.

Have I prematurely brought them out of storage? Idc! To me their the ideal clothing to carry you through the everychanging weathers. Primark do some really good lightweight ribbed turtlenecks that are great to wear now while its "warmer. I had to get this burnt orange colour, I think it works so well paired with the khaki jacket. 

Who says you need to wear a mini skirt to show some leg? I love the front split on this Midi D Ring Warehouse Skirt. The D-ring detail has really become a thing this year, hasnt it? It beats a conventional belt loop.

Heels would be ideal to carry this look into the evening, I'm in need of some new ones and a brand called Public Desire have really got my attention recently and it may be time soon to make an investment, but for now my Minimal Suede Boots are my perfect everyday choice. 

Hope you love this look as much as I do!

Lavinya x


September 20, 2015



The obsession with denim has been serious this year. It started with this post here and has proven to be a trend worth investing in. These 70s inspired flared jeans definitely add character to any outfit. I think I like the crop flared jean better than culottes. They give me a better shape and make my legs look longer especially with heels.

The styling ideas I have for these jeans are just dying to be worn. these jeans with a blazer, shirt and trainers make a great day time look and then transition into autumn with a turtelneck and boots. I really wanted the matching crop top but I'm happy to mix & match it with other pieces from my wardrobe as I can constantly revamp these jeans and create new looks!

For this evening out, I opted for a black cami vest and my leather jacket and neck scarf to toughen up the look, The jeans do come up slightly loose, I bought W28 L32 but I think the next size down wouldn't have looked very flattering. Overall, I am happy with how they fit and the length is perfect with these fringed mules. Never going back to skinny jeans, well not anytime soon...

Let me know how you feel about this outfit!
Lavinya x

September 14, 2015



I am so in love with this Zara jumpsuit its unreal. I never thought I would be able to carry off a culotte style jumpsuit. I am only 5'5, I feel taller lol, so I was worried this would wear me rather than the other way round. The jumpsuits crotch is a few inches lower than my own, lol, some would say it has a rather unflattering shape but I really like the way it falls on me and its definitely best worn without a bra. I love the ribbed detailing. I wore it out to see the new Maze Runner movie, btw its awesome, and it was the comfiest cinema outfit I have ever worn.
I missed out on the asos one here, which weirdly is back in stock! but now that I have this ribbed beauty I wouldnt want to spend my days in anything else!

My "choker" is actually a £4 ankle chain I found in Primark. I thought it was way to pretty to be on my foot, so I added a few more chain loops in from a old necklace and voila! a new choker was born. White minimal trainers are the way to go with this outfit and these high top Nike trainers were a bargain from Sports Direct at only £18! I gave my converses a lil break this summer and they were the perfect substitute.

What do you think of the culotte jumpsuit?

Lavinya x


September 03, 2015


This post is seriously overdue cos if your a londoner you know fully well it aint shorts weather, hashtag winter is coming....


On the weekends I try to catch up with blog reading, I like to check out the comment section because most of the time this is how I discover other bloggers & their own platforms. That's how I came across Pandora Sykes. If you have yet to come across her blog you should check it out, its definitely worth reading. Pandora's style is a mixture of quirky bohemian with boyish Parisian chic and I like that she doesn't take her style to seriously, its fun and relatable,

This outfit was inspired by Sykes, she's certainly influenced me to buy quite a few more neck scarves, especially bandana's

These boyfriend fit ripped denim shorts found me while I scolded another shopper in the sale section of H&M. *Are you ready? Its story time*... Like a vulture she attacked the rails with unnecessary energy swiping the hangers back and forth on the rail, the falling items didn't discourage her, nope, instead she watched them fall, stepped over them and went to another rail. Now I haven't worked in retail in over 3 yrs but when I did it was for 9 yrs plus and let me tell you this was just one of my pet peeves about working in fashion retail and one of the main reasons why I prefer online shopping! So it irked me (and took a lot of willpower not to batter her on the behalf of all sales assistants worldwide) and I couldn't just walk away like she had so I picked them up. I know old habits die hard but that's when I found them. I've only really seen this shorts length on guys but I've started to see them becoming just as popular as booty shorts in the women's section. They pretty much go with everything like all shorts do but I love the boyish knee length and the edgy rips. 

I am starting to buy into more loose fitting clothing items and I love this oversized jumper, also from H&M and in the sale! It was my "Erika Bowes/Charlotte Martin" inspired purchase, these bloggers are slouchy silhouette queens. I wouldn't normally wear brogues with shorts, but I think it helps finish the look perfectly and gives it a soft masculine edge.

Who's style are you channelling at the moment or who's on your blogger radar? And you know what I would love to know what your pet peeves are while your out shopping!