March 19, 2015



For as long as I can remember I have always surrounded myself in music. I can remember always being in the music block at school singing with my friends, writing new songs, performing covers in school shows and at home I taught myself how to read music, score music and play the piano. I took woodwind lessons and even achieved grade 2 in Flute and grade 3 in Guitar at the Royal School of Music. It seems like a lifetime ago and I have forgotten everything lol. 

My little sister is always telling me to listen to new music or artists but I have to admit I always brush her off but the other day while updating my playlist I started listening to Jhene Aiko, in particular Spotless Mind. I have tried to listen to her music in the past but I just couldn't get into it, I don't know why but whatever the reason I am hooked on Aiko now and the song has been on repeat.

In the music video Aiko shows multiple facets of her personality which all differ from each other but ultimately are all Aiko and in the chorus she repeats the line "I'm a Wanderer

Well that's kind of how I would describe myself and my style too. I don't think I have a signature look I just kinda go with flow. I have never been good at defining/labelling my style and well I think that's ok because that allows more freedom to be whoever I want to be.

Being a music performer was a big part of my life when I was younger, I never had any problems expressing myself through music but I'm no longer at school in contact with a very cool music teacher (shout out to Mrs Buckley lol) who will let me in the music block even when its closed and excuse me from lessons just so I could spend time with music. 

Things change, people change and now my time with music is more private aka at home. I guess today the way I express my self is through fashion and like my taste in music my style is eclectic and also dependent on mood. 

Anyways why am I telling you all this, I think I have digressed a bit too much but hopefully you will see meaning behind my words nonetheless I just didn't want it to be a "Today I am wearing..." post. 

I guess what I am trying to say is never pigeon hole yourself or be afraid to change who you are as long as your staying true to yourself. The opinions or visions I had in the past certainly differ from the here and now...and that's ok. In fact today's post is a perfect example of this and definitely heading in a different direction compared to my last post on the classic suit ha! A younger, different Lavinya would never consider wearing a choker, mens clothing, socks with heels and most of all a faux septum ring, but thats the beauty of fashion and growth in ones confidence.

My mum totally hates the septum ring from LAMODA LOL!, when I first showed it to her she asked me repeatedly if it was real and "had I really done this to myself" lol. I experience this alot in my family, I wear something and they give me the side eye but eventually they always say "thats you Lavinya" I like to make an effort with my appearance and dress "smart" but when given the opportunity I also like to explore sides of myself that may be considered "different" to others but I consider still me. 

Fashion is this world for me where anything goes and I can be whoever I want to be and in today's post I am totally giving you guys Bonet/Kravitz/Aiko vibes.

lol, Lavinya x

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  1. So gorgeous! I love your style x

  2. Haha, this was a delightful read and you are right about being experimental with fashion as we change over time and the same goes with our style. The bit about you and your mom and the whole septum ring was too funny and yes, I'm definitely feeling the Bonet/Aiko/Kravits vibe from your look - it's also very 90s! <3 xo

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  3. LOL Layvina talking bout waffling on ... but you cute gurl x