March 31, 2015

OOTD | 30/03/15


I wish work could have Easter breaks and 6 week summer holidays like school/uni term does cos I am in need of rest! I've been doing back to back shifts at work and its messing up, I feel so rundown. My mum really wants to go on holiday this year but I am desperately trying to save towards moving out but there doesn't seem to ever be enough to do that especially once I've bought a zone 1-3 travel card, paid off my telephone bill and any other outstanding payments, the money seems to go back to square one. Maybe travelling this year might not be a possible thing I can do this year like I thought *le sigh* 

The wind is howling outside and I would rather wrap myself up in this amazing scarf/shawl and hide under the covers all day and paint my nails (because they are definitely far from fleek atm)....but instead I am working 12-8.30pm today.

I guess I'm just having one of those days. Hope your all doing much better! x

Lavinya x

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March 30, 2015


I can't count how many times people come to my room seeing all my clothing, shoes and accessories and respond with "you could open a shop!"
I have had countless clear outs and always end up either donating to charity or deservedly throwing away items I've held onto for waaaaay too long, I am sure you can all relate...but have you ever thought about swapping with someone?

Well thanks to InPost UK and their #swapshopchallenge I was able to send my beautiful gold acanthus leaf necklace to GemmaRetro Chick.

March 24, 2015



I hardly ever wear dresses. It's not that I don't like them, I'm just not always 100% confident in them. I blame my inner tomboy and how self concious I am about my legs but in this grey ribbed midi I think my impression of dresses have gone up a notch.

I cant express enough how comfortable this dress is to wear. It's stretchy and yet hugs me in all the right places, hits at the perfect length and I love the side split detail. I paired it with my some ankle boots but I could definitely dress it down further with trainers.

This bomber jacket tho...who can deny how buff this jacket is, like seriously! It's taken me ages to find the right one and I love the colour and all the zip details! I kept my eye on it and luckily got it at sale price. The link for it keeps coming and going on-line so keep an eye out for it, its definitely an item worth having!

Let me know what you think below!

Lavinya x

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March 19, 2015



For as long as I can remember I have always surrounded myself in music. I can remember always being in the music block at school singing with my friends, writing new songs, performing covers in school shows and at home I taught myself how to read music, score music and play the piano. I took woodwind lessons and even achieved grade 2 in Flute and grade 3 in Guitar at the Royal School of Music. It seems like a lifetime ago and I have forgotten everything lol. 

My little sister is always telling me to listen to new music or artists but I have to admit I always brush her off but the other day while updating my playlist I started listening to Jhene Aiko, in particular Spotless Mind. I have tried to listen to her music in the past but I just couldn't get into it, I don't know why but whatever the reason I am hooked on Aiko now and the song has been on repeat.

In the music video Aiko shows multiple facets of her personality which all differ from each other but ultimately are all Aiko and in the chorus she repeats the line "I'm a Wanderer

Well that's kind of how I would describe myself and my style too. I don't think I have a signature look I just kinda go with flow. I have never been good at defining/labelling my style and well I think that's ok because that allows more freedom to be whoever I want to be.

Being a music performer was a big part of my life when I was younger, I never had any problems expressing myself through music but I'm no longer at school in contact with a very cool music teacher (shout out to Mrs Buckley lol) who will let me in the music block even when its closed and excuse me from lessons just so I could spend time with music. 

Things change, people change and now my time with music is more private aka at home. I guess today the way I express my self is through fashion and like my taste in music my style is eclectic and also dependent on mood. 

Anyways why am I telling you all this, I think I have digressed a bit too much but hopefully you will see meaning behind my words nonetheless I just didn't want it to be a "Today I am wearing..." post. 

I guess what I am trying to say is never pigeon hole yourself or be afraid to change who you are as long as your staying true to yourself. The opinions or visions I had in the past certainly differ from the here and now...and that's ok. In fact today's post is a perfect example of this and definitely heading in a different direction compared to my last post on the classic suit ha! A younger, different Lavinya would never consider wearing a choker, mens clothing, socks with heels and most of all a faux septum ring, but thats the beauty of fashion and growth in ones confidence.

My mum totally hates the septum ring from LAMODA LOL!, when I first showed it to her she asked me repeatedly if it was real and "had I really done this to myself" lol. I experience this alot in my family, I wear something and they give me the side eye but eventually they always say "thats you Lavinya" I like to make an effort with my appearance and dress "smart" but when given the opportunity I also like to explore sides of myself that may be considered "different" to others but I consider still me. 

Fashion is this world for me where anything goes and I can be whoever I want to be and in today's post I am totally giving you guys Bonet/Kravitz/Aiko vibes.

lol, Lavinya x

P.S You may have seen a "Hype on Lookbook" button under my posts, well I recently re-discovered my old profile and have started uploading again on there. If you like my outfit posts and are on Lookbook please hype my latest looks and let me know if your on there too! - xx

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March 03, 2015



I have always considered the menswear inspired suit for women to be strictly for work or to be worn to somewhere official like court, but now I consider the suit to be a sophisticated, sexy and more comfortable than a tight dress.

One of my style icons has to be Miroslava Duma and I instantly began looking for a suit when I saw her here in this striking cobalt blue number. I haven't had any luck finding the same colour but one colour your always guaranteed to find is black, so when I came across this blazer from Primark I had to have it. What I love the most about this blazer is the longline body and double breasted button detail. The wide leg trousers were bought from H&M, high waisted and are the perfect match for the blazer.

I styled my suit with two statement necklace layered together, sleek hair and barely there heels but there are so many possibilities on how to style suits. In a previous post here I played around with lengths. Mix and match your items to create different looks, you dont always have to go for heels and you dont have to wear a formal shirt! I think suits are so versatile and such a easy way to make you look "smart" without trying too hard. Draw some ideas from my 'Day to Night' inspo on how to accessorise your suit!

Whats your thoughts on the "suit"?
Lavinya x