February 08, 2015


Flares! Bruh! I love them! This hippie 70s vibe has taken over me, its so different and edgy. I never thought anything could replace my love for mom jeans because part of the reason I love them so much is how freeing they are to wear, not so clingy as the skinny jean, easy to put on, high waisted and they go with anything, well I have found the flare jean to be exactly the same! 

There is such a wide range of styles; denim, patterned, tailored and if your worried the flare may drown you (especially if your not vertically blessed) don't be, there surprisingly slimming!

If your a skinny jean fan I recommend trying bootcut jeans they keep the silhouette of a skinny jean but have a tiny kick flare added at the bottom.

Flares are freaking coool.....

Last week I bought a black jean pair from H&M here unfortunately they have sold out online but I am looking for some alternatives so keep a look out for my outfit post later in the week!

Are you feeling the 70s vibe or nah...

Lavinya x

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  1. I'll be honest I'm not but looking at these pictures I'm having a slight change of heart...