Monday, February 16, 2015



Happy Monday! Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend even though Monday has come around way to soon!

Today's look is inspired by the denim trend I blogged about in yesterdays post here. I used to have a denim dress when I was younger I practically lived in it! I have yet to find another for the older me but I picked up this denim midi skirt from Primark for £5 and I plan on creating my own dress by teaming it with a denim shirt. The blazer is also from Primark on sale for £5 too, but what you wont believe is that I paid £14 for these incredible lace up boots from New Look. Yup, £14! Originally I had my heart set on thigh high lace up boots but I always looked a tad bit over dressed in them! This pair come up to my knee's and I really like teaming them with mid-length items, theres something chic about the look of it.

This weekend London Fashion Week commences and I have been thinking about what outfits to wear and I can tell you now its drove me crazy, the pressure! I have always had so much fun going but in the back of my mind I have been feeling some type of way almost like a fraud lol, wait hear me out...

Ever looked at fashion week and thought "What are they doing there?" I've kind of felt like that a few times in the past, not that anyone is paying me that amount of attention lol its more the voice in my head. I don't want to be considered as someone who goes to fashion week to get all dressed up just to stunt at Somerset House. I love fashion and I love blogging but I also know I am not a consistent blogger and theres so much more that I can learn about the industry so right now I would rather work on my blog and giving you guys good content and hopefully by September I will feel like I actually deserve to go.

This might sound silly to you guys but this is just how I feel at the moment. I am still going to watch the live streams and check out pics on the 'gram! Thank God for the internet!

Anyways, I hope you guys like my outfit!

Lavinya x

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  1. These boots are divine and I love your hair here! <3 xx

  2. Everything about you is just stunning! Love this!

  3. Love this look!! To chic!!

  4. So chic! I'm seeing a few bloggers style the boots in the same way - very sassy!

    Whooohooo you're going LFW! What days are you going? Hope to see you there! FYI im not making a fuss about what to wear - i just want to be comfortable! x

  5. You look so gorgeous, love <3
    I've never been to LFW as I think I'd look so out of place! You always look so chic you really don't need to worry :) x

  6. This outfit is so dope! First time visiting your blog and I have to say your style is amazing. Love the way you toned down the lace boots. Just a perfect look from head to toe.

    Ashley Udoh

  7. amazing outfit! it looks so good on you :)

  8. GREAT LOOOK!!! your shoes are giving me life, what size are you? can we be friends lol xx

  9. *rolls eyes* September you are coming by force to LFW

    ps. yes you look great as always x

  10. i never thought of a midi-length denim skirt (especially not in a particularly positive way) but you make it look so elegant, yet effortless!

  11. Those boots ! I want them ! #Beautiful X

    Follow me on GFC, I always follow back.

  12. wow lovely