January 01, 2015



So what was 2014 like for me? Well I started the year angry, disappointed but clinging to hope convincing myself I was ok. I was ok but ok is not anyones full potential. My recent break up was still on my mind and even a year on after parting ways I was still missing a few friends. Its cliche but its the truth "Time is a great healer" so is a a new perspective which is what I will take into 2015.

I have learned so much about myself in 2014, it presented me with time to discover myself more than I ever have. I reflected on my whole life and made peace with every single difficult and confusing thing thats ever happened to me. It was hard because aside from forgiving others I had to forgive myself, but in order to do that I had to admit my part in everything which was allowing myself to put up with wrong situations longer than I should. I did not know my worth.

FYI No one can give you worth. You have to know your worth more than anything.

1. Be neither defined or devalued by the presence of a man/woman in your life. With and without them your fabulous.

2. Be neither swayed or disheartened by others opinion. Not everyone will understand your vision for your life. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

3. Be neither provoked to jealously or envy by others success and progress. Trust your journey. Focus on your own path in life.

4. I'm in charge of my happiness, attitude, peace of mind and its up to me to protect it.

These are the most valuable lessons I learnt in 2014.

...and with that being said. HAPPY NEW YEAR! WE MADE IT TO 2015!!! The norm is to make resolutions but promises are easily broken, so I'm going to set myself some personal goals instead.

It may seem lame but this a loooooong overdue goal in my life that should have been achieved lightyears ago. Its time to upgrade from the L-plates.
If anyone has a suggestions on who the best people to learn with are, please do let me know.


I have drove myself crazy all 2014 trying to figure out what it is I want to do with my life. At times I thought I would never figure it out and became so down about it. I think this stemmed from not being able to admit that I no longer want a career within the science/medical field. I have a degree in Pharmacology and have struggled since graduation to secure a job within the industry. I felt conned because even entry level jobs required experience and in order to gain experience I needed previous experience. The working world needs to sort itself out and help a graduate out. 
After many years and my current position with a GP surgery I've concluded that that industry is not for me. I find so much happiness within fashion. I struggled with the idea that wanting a career within fashion was fickle but now I understand how much working in an environment that gives me little pleasure and wears me down its not worth my happiness. Another day, another dollar is not enough for me now. I want to explore my potential. I thought I was turning my back on the things Ive worked so hard in. Years of my head in medical/science textbooks, how could I pack it all in? But everyday of our lives we are changing. The views I had in my early teens definitely do not reflect the ones I hold today. So why shouldn't I evolve and give my new feelings a chance to grow. I would rather know that look back and say "what if" So PR, styling, both...I haven't narrowed it down but I know what I want and I'm going to go for it.

Yep, this is a familiar one that I always end up breaking. I start strong and then my gym shoes remain under my bed for the rest of the year. So instead I am aiming to join a class. I'm really interested in Zumba, street dance or pole dancing (its not as sordid as it sounds) I'm still looking around but I think its a better strategy than saying "gym 4 times a week" at least for me personally because I will only end up saying "I'll go tomorrow" the way I see it is if I join a class it may spur me on to do more like a marathon or 5k run which will require me to do more training...can you see where I'm going here...

I don't know where it came from but for a while I have had Australia on my mind. I don't even know much about the country which I hope to change in 2015 but I cant knock it out my mind. So its now on my list of destinations alongside Thailand, Canada, South Africa plus others. I've spent 2014 watching Youtube vloggers like Fun for Louis, Ben Brown and Hey Nadine travel the globe, its been inspiring to watch. I want to ride elephants, experience new cultures and meet new people. Check out this Canada "Visual Vibes" by Ben Brown theres no way you cannot develop wanderlust after watching. I may not visit them all but then again who knows!??!

I'll let you into a little secret. I CANT COOK. I mean I can cook basics but to say I can "cook" is pushing it. I don't consider what I do cooking by any means lol. I bought this really great beginners book and hope to put it to more use. I also want to learn a new language; French, Spanish or Portuguese and finally take up guitar lessons because my guitar is looking more ornamental than functional in my room at the moment. 

These are my 5 main goals. I really want to put myself out there this year and go for it. The only limitations I will ever have are the ones I put on myself. I may have started 2014 with a bitterness in my heart but I learned to let it go. I have entered 2015 with so much hope and excitement. I am by no means perfect and I am not a robot, I too suffer from good and bad days and there are times I would rather stay under the duvet but my determination to live a life of positivity is what keeps me going. 

If your the type of person to hold onto grudges, if you look back on situations and immediately start with "If so and so hadnt......I cant believe so and so did......Do you know what so and so said..." then I encourage you to take a big step back and bring the focus back to you. I'm not saying your to blame, I'm not saying that others couldn't have done better, what I'm saying is be more concerned on how your going to go forward with your life. Put the past to rest.

I want you to be obsessed with your own life. Don't waste your time on things that are counter productive, set yourself some goals. If your blessed to wake up another day do your very best not carry on an ongoing negative feeling. Its a brand new day, act like it, you may find something you weren't expecting. Yourself.

Thank you all for reading my blog, commenting, liking, following on my other social media platforms I appreciate every single one of y'all!

Lets break our limitations together in 2015. Happy New Year!
Lavinya x

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