September 03, 2014


The beautiful view from our hotel balcony.
Breakfast was from 7am-10am but mum insisted on being an early bird! I am not an morning person lol so all I could handle was a mushroom, ham and cheese omelette which soon became my guilty pleasure every morning - on the plus side mums early bird philosophy meant we snagged the best loungers by the beach!
My beautiful mother 

Marmaris was beautiful and just what I needed in a holiday. Sun, sea and relaxation. I had such a good time and would definitely go back again!

During the day mum and I spent our time on the beach which was directly behind our hotel and at night we would get dressed up and eat out for dinner, there are a wide choice of restaurants my favourites being "Faro Island" and "O Yes" and they weren't expensive at all! and the surrounding hotels always had some form of entertainment going on.
The streets are lined with an abundance of retail shops all selling dupes of the latest designer bags and clothes. It can be quite hard sometimes to walk along the beach front or main street without someone trying to entice you to dine/shop with them, but they are very respectful and will take a firm no for an answer, most of the time I ended up bantering with them, their very good natured and friendly, sometimes too friendly lol I got a few proposals and at one point my mum ended up with a considerable discount on her Michael Kors bag because she promised them a picture with me lol.

We booked through Thomas Cook who had loads of excursions to offer, mum wasn't keen on the water sports or jeep safari so we went for a Turkish bath on day 3 and if you ever get the chance to try it make sure you do, it was amazing! It started with a few minutes of relaxation time in the sauna and then we were left to cool down in the hammam, we were then encouraged to throw cold water at one another for a photo op - we ended up with a good one of mum throwing water at me...I think she secretly enjoyed it lol. Then your laid on a marble platform were they scrub you down with a loofah and apply a rich lathering of olive oil soap to massage you with (it is the most amazing feeling!) the bath is meant to leave your skin feeling really invigorating and clean, we were then wrapped in heated towels to finish. Well after that mum and I decided we couldn't end it there and decided, for an extra charge, to have an oil massage and seaweed and honey facial. I have never been so relaxed. The whole process was so enjoyable and I would definitely do it again!

We also went on a day trip to neighbouring Greek island Rhodes and I have a whole post on that which will be up soon!


The Sunrise Hotel is a 4* resort located on the beachfront and has wonderful views of the mountains and sea, there is even a waiter who will take your food/drink orders and bring them to you while you relax in the sun.
I have been very fortunate to always stay in really nice hotels while abroad and The Sunrise hotel was no exception. The service my mum and I received was second to none, everyone in the hotel from the manager to the hotel cleaners are so friendly and welcoming, nothing is too much. The hotel offers a buffet style breakfast and dinner in the evenings but if you want to get away from the hotel there are plenty of restaurants and shops in walking distance from the hotel and dolmus (bus) you can be in the main town in 5 mins. 

I absolutely loved my room, flat screen TV, satellite, air con and a cute balcony made it the perfect place to wind down after a day in the sun and the weather was extremely hot!
On our last night they decorated the bed it was a lovely surprise ^_^
Our room was cleaned everyday and the towels were changed when and if you requested (they basically let you decide - towel left on the floor means "change please", towels on the rack mean "I will use once more")
The main reception and most of the 1st floor and lower ground floor had good WIFI connection but was quite weak elsewhere in the hotel, my room was on the 3rd floor. I just about managed to get connection while on the beach but I can't complain the whole point of going on holiday is to reconnect with the natural visions around us and not just the ones confined to a mobile phone screen, so being separated from my beloved Wifi was actually a blessing and if I did want to check the latest goings on social media they had the comfiest armchairs to chillax in on the reception.

I can't fault a thing in The Sunrise Hotel and I can't express how peaceful this hotel is, it is more suitable for couples and families as its a relaxing quiet hotel with very little entertainment, making it easy to enjoy the night life Marmaris has to offer and come back to your peaceful haven for the night. We went B&B but would definitely go Half Board next time, they also have a spa on the lower ground so I would love to go back and enjoy some more treatments!

Thanks for the memories Marmaris!


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