August 21, 2014


Nightshirt |  *ps: change coffee to Starbucks caramel hot chocolate!  

I really do! Thanks for sticking around and "hello!" to my new followers on google+ and bloglovin! I have missed talking to you guys and thought I would check in with you all! HI! I haven't been gone long but I feel like I was on a roll with my posts and then I just broke the momentum! Really this was because I was running around trying to sort everything out for my last minute holiday to Turkey! Yes I had a fantastic time! Yes I am sad to be back in rainy cold London! But c'est la vie. I had my fun in the sun and now its time to get back to blogging! I've got loads to catch you all up on including some events I attended last month, some holiday snaps,ootds and hauls (where I will be sharing a serious case of shoppers remorse!) Plus some new blog segments I've been working on, not to mention a giveaway! So guys bare with me as I adjust back to working life and before you know it will be resuming its normal blogging schedule! Also if there is anything you would like to see more of on my blog I am open to suggestions/ideas - leave me a comment below! Its always great to know what YOU guys what to read!

If you don't already you can follow me on Instagram (@thisislavinya) there are already quite a few snaps, from my much needed holiday, on my page!

See you soon blogger girls and guys!
Lavinya x