July 05, 2014


H&M Bralet | Primark Kimono & Accessories | H&M Jeans | Primark Cage Sandals (similar)

Wireless was absolutely AMAAAZING! The weather in London was super hot and gave me the perfect excuse to wear these mirrored aviator sunglasses from Primark. I kept my outfit quite similar to my "festival outfit inspo" post, but decided to wear these cleated caged sandals, they were so comfy. Festivals can get grubby so my obvious choice would be converses but I wanted my toes to be freeeeeee! I think they gave my outfit a little edge and guess what!? I totally forgot my hat. I was in such a rush to be on time that I left it on my bed. I was kinda gutted when I remembered half way on my tube journey but by the time I met up with everyone I was pretty much over it loool.

One of my favourite things about festivals is meeting new people and having a great time like you've known each other for longer than 5 minutes. The vibe at wireless was completely chilled and filled with people who wanted to party - apart from a few silly people who started throwing drinks, like why? - my favourite acts of the day were Iggy Azalea, Pharrell, Tinie Tempah (his set was amazing!!!) and Kiesza (hideaway is a tuuuuuune!) - I was gutted I didn't see Tori Kelly, I hope she comes back to London soon! and then there was Kanye....

I mean the guy has bangers and when he decided to perform them it was great but then he went off on a rant, a looooooooong rant and at one point I think the crowd got fed up and started booing him! Aside from the ranting he really is a good performer! I had some footage of his rant and the bejewelled mask he was wearing but somehow the images on my camera memory card have disappeared???? Probably for the best lol.

The weather forecasted sun but towards the end of the night it started to rain so the rain coat I mentioned in my previous post, What To Pack For A Day Festival, came in handy! London weather is unpredictable!

I had such a great day it was so good to just have some fun, listen to some great tunes, catch up with friends and make new ones! If you've never been I highly recommend you go next year! 

Wireless. Festival. Was. Epic #thatisall

Lavinya x


  1. LOVE your outfit! Hope you had an amazing time! xx


    1. Thank you!!! I really really did :) xxx

  2. Beautiful outfit! Looks like you had a lot of fun x

  3. Great snaps - captures the mood perfectly and the outfit yass girl! x