July 04, 2014


Todays the day! Wireless baby! Wireless Festival is a 3 day event which means no overnight camping! I'm meeting my friends around 2pm before heading to Finsbury Park and I literally remembered this morning that I needed a few things and took a last minute trip to Boots to grab a few essentials. I have to finish getting ready but thought I would share what I'm taking!

Canon IXUS 115 - I had this great idea to bring my DSLR camera with me but then I thought about how distraught I would be if it got damaged! Plus I figure I can capture just as good quality pics on this camera. Don't forget to charge your battery & pack your memory card (this a common mishap for me lol) *Tip* Why not carry a disposable camera? Their inexpensive and even if you lose them no harm done or just use your phone!

Mini Beauty Products - No one whats to lug around big canisters of deodorant, body cream etc. Head to the travel size toiletries isle at Boots, Superdrugs and get the items you need that are small enough to carry and efficient enough to do the job!

Seasonal Accessories - Its sunny right now but you know London, rain is inevitable. Im bringing a rain jacket I picked up from the mens department at Primark. Pack a brolly, sunglasses, hat. Pack for every weather possible, you. never. know....

Other items I'm carrying are my lippy to top up throughout the day, some snacks (fruit bag, water bottle etc) ID incase somehow I get mistaken for under 21 lol, my oyster card, bank card and some change to buy more food and drink on site and medication I am a hay fever sufferer so if that is the same case for you don't forget your tablets, spray etc.

Hope this was helpful guys! If your going to Wireless I hope you have a fab time, shame about Drake eh?!!!!

*Drake voice* "Just hold on, I'm staying home...." Lol :)
Lavinya x


  1. Ooooh smart idea to bring a rain jacket, have fun gurrrl! :)

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    1. Trust me! My friends laughed because it was forecast to be 27degrees but lo and behold it started raining!!! I had the last laugh lol!

  2. Havee funn!!
    Miss it this year :( but next year I will be there too

    Serah x
    Serah de Fashix

    1. Thank you Serah I did! It was so much fun! xx

  3. Very helpful! Will be using this as my checklist!

    1. Glad to be of help! Which festival are you going to!