July 17, 2014


H&M Jumpsuit | Russell & Bromley Nude Heels | eBay Silver Choker | Primark Handbag 

On Monday my little brother graduated at the Royal Festival Hall with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art from the University of The Arts London! I was so excited for him and the day was absolutely great! We arrived early to pick up my brothers robe and take pictures but everybody else had the same idea! The auditorium hall was filled with hundreds of excited and nervous graduates, family and friends. My brother looked rather amazing in his suit and equally so in his graduation robe. I'm just so pleased for him, he worked his butt off and it was great to see him walk across that stage and receive is award. We eventually got round to taking the official graduate/family pictures after the ceremony and hit up Byron for a well deserved burger!

What I Wore: How fabulous is this bag? The colour caught my attention instantly, these are the gems I love finding in Primark. Its getting way to hot to lug around big bags and this £8 bag is compact but still big enough to fit everything and more inside, you would be surprised. For weeks I had no idea what to wear, then I remembered this jumpsuit that has been sitting in my wardrobe ever since I bought it! Jumpsuits are incredibly versatile and depending how you wear them they are appropriate for any occasion, I dressed them up with my nude T-bar sandals from Russell & Bromley, matching my pedi colour with my bag. 

Here are a few more pictures:

The day was as much a turning point for me as it was for my brother, watching him and his friends happy and smile for every photo reminded me of my own graduation. A sense of nostalgia. Their faces seem to be filled with such infectious hope and positive anticipation for their futures. It made me realise how complacent you can get once you hit the "real world" all of a sudden you push aside the time to dream, to pursue your goals and instead fall into the monotonous working pattern without much thought and get stuck in a rut. We should all think like a graduate, fresh and ready to take on the world no matter what.

Good luck to all the new graduates!
Make the most of your graduation day and celebrate! YOU DID IT! 

p.s Nathan I am so proud of you :)
Lavinya x

July 09, 2014


H&M Trenchcoat | H&M Vest Top | Primark Linen Trousers | Primark Caged Sandals (similar)

Even though I love some sun, I equally appreciate when the weather is a lot cooler because it gives me a chance to wear beauties in the form of this trenchcoat from H&M. By the way whats the difference between a duster coat and a trenchcoat? I love how light and flowy the coat is and its collarless design gives me the opportunity to adorn my neckline and show off my necklaces. 

I have this thing about high waisted garments they just make everything more flattering and these linen trousers do just that, its nice to wear something other than denim. My cage sandals have not left my feet since wireless (dont judge me lol) they were so comfty that day I just enjoy wearing them! Plus they give me a little height advantage when wearing a longline coat and being only 5'5 lol. 

I was skeptical of an all "white" outfit on me but now I love how fresh and chic it looks and its a change from all black and dark colours. 

Lavinya x

July 05, 2014


H&M Bralet | Primark Kimono & Accessories | H&M Jeans | Primark Cage Sandals (similar)

Wireless was absolutely AMAAAZING! The weather in London was super hot and gave me the perfect excuse to wear these mirrored aviator sunglasses from Primark. I kept my outfit quite similar to my "festival outfit inspo" post, but decided to wear these cleated caged sandals, they were so comfy. Festivals can get grubby so my obvious choice would be converses but I wanted my toes to be freeeeeee! I think they gave my outfit a little edge and guess what!? I totally forgot my hat. I was in such a rush to be on time that I left it on my bed. I was kinda gutted when I remembered half way on my tube journey but by the time I met up with everyone I was pretty much over it loool.

One of my favourite things about festivals is meeting new people and having a great time like you've known each other for longer than 5 minutes. The vibe at wireless was completely chilled and filled with people who wanted to party - apart from a few silly people who started throwing drinks, like why? - my favourite acts of the day were Iggy Azalea, Pharrell, Tinie Tempah (his set was amazing!!!) and Kiesza (hideaway is a tuuuuuune!) - I was gutted I didn't see Tori Kelly, I hope she comes back to London soon! and then there was Kanye....

I mean the guy has bangers and when he decided to perform them it was great but then he went off on a rant, a looooooooong rant and at one point I think the crowd got fed up and started booing him! Aside from the ranting he really is a good performer! I had some footage of his rant and the bejewelled mask he was wearing but somehow the images on my camera memory card have disappeared???? Probably for the best lol.

The weather forecasted sun but towards the end of the night it started to rain so the rain coat I mentioned in my previous post, What To Pack For A Day Festival, came in handy! London weather is unpredictable!

I had such a great day it was so good to just have some fun, listen to some great tunes, catch up with friends and make new ones! If you've never been I highly recommend you go next year! 

Wireless. Festival. Was. Epic #thatisall

Lavinya x

July 04, 2014


Todays the day! Wireless baby! Wireless Festival is a 3 day event which means no overnight camping! I'm meeting my friends around 2pm before heading to Finsbury Park and I literally remembered this morning that I needed a few things and took a last minute trip to Boots to grab a few essentials. I have to finish getting ready but thought I would share what I'm taking!

Canon IXUS 115 - I had this great idea to bring my DSLR camera with me but then I thought about how distraught I would be if it got damaged! Plus I figure I can capture just as good quality pics on this camera. Don't forget to charge your battery & pack your memory card (this a common mishap for me lol) *Tip* Why not carry a disposable camera? Their inexpensive and even if you lose them no harm done or just use your phone!

Mini Beauty Products - No one whats to lug around big canisters of deodorant, body cream etc. Head to the travel size toiletries isle at Boots, Superdrugs and get the items you need that are small enough to carry and efficient enough to do the job!

Seasonal Accessories - Its sunny right now but you know London, rain is inevitable. Im bringing a rain jacket I picked up from the mens department at Primark. Pack a brolly, sunglasses, hat. Pack for every weather possible, you. never. know....

Other items I'm carrying are my lippy to top up throughout the day, some snacks (fruit bag, water bottle etc) ID incase somehow I get mistaken for under 21 lol, my oyster card, bank card and some change to buy more food and drink on site and medication I am a hay fever sufferer so if that is the same case for you don't forget your tablets, spray etc.

Hope this was helpful guys! If your going to Wireless I hope you have a fab time, shame about Drake eh?!!!!

*Drake voice* "Just hold on, I'm staying home...." Lol :)
Lavinya x

July 02, 2014


Primark Kimono | Crop Top, Mom Jeans & Sandals all H&M | OASAP Fedora | eBAY Necklace 

Good morning guys! Festival time is upon us and this year I'm going to Wireless festival. I had an amazing time last year moving around the site watching all my favourite artists; highlights for me were Kendrick Lamar, Miguel, JayZ and silent disco! 

The weather is picking up in London, particularly on the weekends and I just felt like getting all dressed up while I was outfit planning for Wireless.

I always admire the fashion at Coachella and this season kimonos have been dominating the scene, I am crazy over this kimono from Primark I love detailing and the fringing urrgghhh its ridic and I just think you could wear anything and add a kimono and bam! instant boho/glam vibe. 
If you have any reservations about wearing crop tops may I suggest high waisted jeans, these have been a godsend for me especially as I haven't achieved a washboard stomach in time for summer loool, perfect pairing with my crop tops and hiding my belly fat! Headdresses and flower headbands are common festival attire but I love my fedora possibly one of my best purchases from OASAP.

I hope I can do some style snapping when I go to Wireless but I am also attending one day so I want to be able to enjoy my time as best as I can, I will see how it goes. I am really excited for Friday I'm hoping Kanye brings Kim K....you never know! 

Are you guys going to any festivals this summer? Let me know below! 
Lavinya x