June 07, 2014


Primark Black Tee | H&M Checked Trousers | H&M Kimono | H&M Slides | All Accessories from Primark

Naturally the day London has good weather I wear black
I know I should be all pastels and bright colours (which I do love and own a lot of) but there is something about monochrome that is so hard to let go of. You can't see it but I was wearing a sheer black kimono on top, yes more black, I tried to take an action shot because I love the way it moves in the wind, but I didn't like the outcome so it didn't make it on to the post, but take my word for it its a great piece to own. It a fairly new item but unfortunately its not available online but I do remember it being £5.99. Yup, five ninety-nine. BARGAIN.

Don't sleep on Primark accessories! First of all my shades cost £1 and their reminiscent of a pair I planned to buy from Topshop that are £15 more. BARGAIN. Speaking of bargains, I am infatuated with my bracelet. I can't believe I found it in Primark and I can't believe it was only £3! I repeat don't sleep on primark accessories - and these slides are literally the comfiest footwear I have ever owned and I don't care bloggers have named them "UGLY shoes" they go with practically EVERYTHING, which is both a blessing and curse because I am scared of wearing them to death. 

Primark and H&M have been killing it lately, their bargain central and their summer stock is just filling up my wardrobe especially when it comes to kimonos. I now have a total of 4 kimonos and I love them all. I really want to do a haul video but I can't get pass the dreaded "intro" saying hi is hard looool. But I am working on it because there is a lot of great stuff that I have been buying that needs to be shared with you guys and I really want to try something new and make youtube vids! So keep an eye out!

Happy Saturday! 
Lavinya x


  1. Great post Lavinya! I know what you mean! Primark lured me in two days in a row with so much great pieces. I hope you do make that vid xxx

  2. Great Fashion Blog, looking forward to your next outfits in the future!!

  3. Just stumbled across your blog and will be following. I love your causal outfit and those h&m sliders are gorgeous!




  4. Those sliders are beautiful! So sad that H&M doesn't do my shoe size anymore(3); it's my favorite store xx

  5. I've been loving H&M and Primark too lately. Love the outfit x

  6. I loooove your accessories! Cute outfit!


  7. I Love your Blog Lavinya :)

  8. Loving this outfit, those checked trousers are so nice. Looks simple and cute with the plain black tee and the sandals


  9. Loving those slides and I knoowww, Primark and H&M are really bringing it this summer.


  10. This top is as god send for me, I bought it a few weeks ago and it just goes with everything doesn't it?
    Want these sandals so bad!
    http://bethanyxalice.blogspot.com xx