June 13, 2014


Statement necklaces can transform your entire look, their a fun, easy, effective way to jazz up any blah outfit and anybody can wear them! Below are some of my favourites...

1. The double pearl choker necklace is a modern twist to the traditional pearl necklace and I find it brings my a basic tshirts to life, its simple but very effective. 
eBay | £1.89 (Free P+P!)

2. This beautiful necklace is from Primark. They also had a red stone version but I love royal blue its so eye catching. I get alot of compliments when I wear this necklace and people are often shocked when I tell them where it is from.
Primark | £8.00 Similar (here) 

3. I love bling jewellery, can you tell? Another stunner from Primark. I love wearing this one to special occasions such as weddings etc it makes me look like I made a special effort ^_^
Primark | £4.00 Similar (here) and (here)

4. Now it may look simple but this gold choker goes with everything. The picture does not do it justice believe me. I searched high and low for this necklace but couldnt find it reasonably priced anywhere...and then Primark came to the rescue. I luhhh that shop.
Primark | £3.00 Similar (here) and (here) 

5. Dressing for work can be so boring sometimes. I have to wear black, occassionally I break the rules and wear white oooh rebel so when I saw this I knew it would bring some life to my boring work clothes.
eBay | £6.99

6. I am in awe of this necklace. I had a necklace similar, minus the pearls, about a year ago but one day I dropped it and the whole thing fell apart I was gutted. The choker style means my collar pop when worn with rounded neck garments and makes a casual white shirt look glam, perfect day to night piece, I feel very important in it lol but I wouldnt wear it with pearl earrings, too matchy matchy.
eBay | £5.99 


1. Less is more : Let your necklace be centre of attention the addition of big earrings can make the look to OTT and you want your outfit to look chic not trashy. For most necklaces all that is needed is very subtle studs, I think thin hoops would be acceptable with the thin chokers.
2. Do It Yourself! : pin old brooches or earrings together its a great way to create your own customised jewellery and no one else will have one like it or why not re-create one you like. Check out HonestlyWTF DIY of the double pearl choker!
3. Bring colour to your wardrobe: Not someone who wears colour much? This is your perfect way to cheat colour into your outfits! 
Particular favourites are here here and here
4. Bank Friendly : You may have noticed all my suggestions on where to buy have been from eBay. Thats because buying a statement piece doesn't mean going broke for it and sometimes, as much as I love Zara, Topshop etc, high street prices can be unreasonable. Ebay is the perfect playground to experiment with trends without breaking the bank. The range on offer is incredible and even though it might take up to two weeks to receive delivery *booo* most of the time the product on offer is extremely affordable and 9/10 free postal + packaging! *yaaaaay* 
Rememeber: Its not where you buy from, its how you wear it. Styling is everything.

So which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Lavinya x

June 10, 2014


Morning guys! So I was hoping to get this post up today but I've been so rushed off my feet I wont have a chance, so I will leave you with a heads up of what's to come! Its all about statement necklaces! I am currently going through a chuck, keep, give clear out in my room and realised just how many statement necklaces I own and thought why not show you guys my favs out of bunch!

I would love to say the clear out is because I am moving out into my own apartment but the reality is I am redecorating and my room is in desperate need of being de-cluttered. In a couple more years, God willing, I will have the money to move but in the meantime upgrading my room will have to do lol. I have become obsessed with interior design and have so many ideas, but that will have to wait for a future post!

I should have the post up later this week!
Lavinya x

ps: I am going to see Justin Timberlake at the O2 today! I am stressing about what to wear but I am sooooo excited! 

June 08, 2014


I love to read. I like the idea of losing myself in the characters, and sometimes, becoming them with each page turned. I think thats what keeps me engrossed in TV shows. I am Caroline Forbes (nope can't stand Elena), I am Arya, I am Olivia Pope (only on her good days though not her beg friend Fitz days). Reading is not just about following a story its an opportunity to increase your understanding, learn something new and take yourself on a new journey using your imagination, and with each book comes the chance to be someone different. 

I know Easter seems so long ago but during that time I gave up TV shows for Lent. I know that sounds silly right? But at the time a considerable amount of my days were being spent watching what I can only describe as epic dramas. Game of Thrones, Scandal, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, The Vampire Diaries, Scandal...the list is extensive and while I really enjoyed watching them all I was very consciously aware of how much time I was spending attached to my laptop and how other activities I used to enjoy I rarely was doing, one of the being reading. So since then I have been getting back into the swing of things and I thought I would share with you what I've had my nose buried in lately!

In May I read 'The Fault in Our Stars' - (TFIOS) p.s this book is amazing and a must read, by the very same author and if you have read that book you already know what a wonderful emotional rollercoaster the story is so I had to check out his work further. It was a lot harder to get into than TFIOS it didn't leave me all emotional like TFIOS but it was still a good read. The story focuses on a young boy called Miles who leaves home to attend boarding school in hopes of escaping the mundanity of his existing life and hopefully discovering a life worth living - what he encounters are the usual attributes: pranks, hook-ups, and illicit activities involving alcohol and cigarettes. But the story goes beyond that as a tragic occurrence shakes the world of these teenagers and they are faced with issues of loss, suffering, and meaning of life. 

Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher - Now I must admit I probably wouldnt have come across this author if it was not for her equally talented husband Tom Fletcher from McFly. I cant tell you how many times Ive watched his wedding "speech" song - its just the most romantic thing ever! A through his vlogs I discovered Giovanna is a writer so I thought I would give her book a try and I was pleasantly surprised. I think some aspects of the storyline is based on her personal experience on dating a celebrity and I quite liked reading it from that perspective. Its a love story about love defying the odds and it gets a thumbs up from me!

I've begun buying my books on Amazon.co.uk, I know I will miss out of the great rewards bigger book store chains like Waterstones, Foyles offer but I get to buy the books for almost half the price and delivered the next day! I have provided links to the books if you fancy purchasing them! Hope you all are having a great weekend. If you have any recommendations on books I should read please let me know and if you have read any of the above then let me know in the comments section what you thought and lets chat! 

Lavinya x

June 07, 2014


Primark Black Tee | H&M Checked Trousers | H&M Kimono | H&M Slides | All Accessories from Primark

Naturally the day London has good weather I wear black
I know I should be all pastels and bright colours (which I do love and own a lot of) but there is something about monochrome that is so hard to let go of. You can't see it but I was wearing a sheer black kimono on top, yes more black, I tried to take an action shot because I love the way it moves in the wind, but I didn't like the outcome so it didn't make it on to the post, but take my word for it its a great piece to own. It a fairly new item but unfortunately its not available online but I do remember it being £5.99. Yup, five ninety-nine. BARGAIN.

Don't sleep on Primark accessories! First of all my shades cost £1 and their reminiscent of a pair I planned to buy from Topshop that are £15 more. BARGAIN. Speaking of bargains, I am infatuated with my bracelet. I can't believe I found it in Primark and I can't believe it was only £3! I repeat don't sleep on primark accessories - and these slides are literally the comfiest footwear I have ever owned and I don't care bloggers have named them "UGLY shoes" they go with practically EVERYTHING, which is both a blessing and curse because I am scared of wearing them to death. 

Primark and H&M have been killing it lately, their bargain central and their summer stock is just filling up my wardrobe especially when it comes to kimonos. I now have a total of 4 kimonos and I love them all. I really want to do a haul video but I can't get pass the dreaded "intro" saying hi is hard looool. But I am working on it because there is a lot of great stuff that I have been buying that needs to be shared with you guys and I really want to try something new and make youtube vids! So keep an eye out!

Happy Saturday! 
Lavinya x