April 28, 2014


I caved. I was doing so well, ignoring their emails offering 30% discount all week until Friday aka the worst day I have ever had at work hit me and before I knew it I was adding things to my shopping basket. Yes. I stress shop.

I decided to use the 30% against this monochrome chain bag which really reminds me the of chanel boy bag, at £19.99 it is already a great buy but with the added 30% off and for £13.96 I dont think I could go wrong. I think this would be a nice classic piece to add to my wardrobe. Like most people I seem to be gravitating towards having more basics in my wardrobe, I already have this cami in white so I know the black will go with just about everything. Slides! Slides! Slides! I showed my mum these and she called them granny slippers looool IDC I cannot wait for them to arrive it took me some time to decide because I've been eyeing up a silver pair river island here but again black goes with everything great for those lazy days.

Ahhhh I feel better already.
Lavinya x

Did you guys get anything using the H&M discount?

April 24, 2014


Its payday soon and I cant wait to go shopping and pick up some beauty products that have been on my radar for some time! 


Whats on your beauty wishlist! 

Lavinya x

April 10, 2014


Next Mules: £34.00

I cannot express how happy new shoes make me, is that normal? Well I think it is and these happen to be my new favourite shoes! It didn't take long to convince myself that I needed a pair of mules in my life especially after seeing them on a few blogs and I was so ready to buy them from Zara, I also love the wedge style from Forever21, but thank heavens for on-line shopping (why does there seem to be more choice online than in the actual stores?) because as soon as I saw these there was no going back. Their soft cushion sole means they are super comfy and they may look high but their really easy to walk in, I've already begun planning outfits. I am in love y'all. :)

Hoping to have more outfit posts up soon but bare with me, its so hard to run a blog while working every hour God sends, plus I've really had it rough this past week, I somehow contracted the worst flu in the history of flu. I was even off work for 3 days because of it and while I was happy to be off work  totally bummed that I couldn't work...hmm yea lets go with that lol....I was less than happy to be experiencing the worst.headache.ever and ever felt hot and cold at the same damn time? Yea it was pretty much a nightmare. Slowly but surely I'm recovering just fine with only a cough to bear but I think something defo needs to be done concerning my health in terms of eating, exercise etc but thats for another post entirely.

Super proud of my photo taking skills, I have a Canon 700d I bought last year Sept as an bday gift to myself but only recently have I started using it. The black & white setting has made my pics look just they way I wanted them too *pats myself on the back* :)

Lavinya x

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