March 25, 2014


Primark Roll Neck | Primark Leather Trousers | New Look Court Shoes | Vintage Camel Coat

My mum has this terrible habit of hoarding things (she would say the same thing about me tbf)  and I remember making her donate a bunch of her of old clothes when I was younger, which I deeply regret now seeing as I could of had some great vintage pieces, however I'm so glad she hid this one from me! 
I've never felt like the over-sized style really suit me, seeing as I'm 5'5 and over-sized items seem to make me look stubby lol, but a pair of heels make a world of difference! I just love the batwing arms on this coat and luckily the ties don't make it look too dressing gown-y lol and seeing as the rain has returned to good ole London it seems I'll still have a bit more time to wear it. I'm not ready to part with my roll necks just yet anyways. Mum told me that at the time she bought the coat for less than £30 which was quite a bit of money way back when. Can you imagine trying to buy a cashmere & wool blend coat for that amount or less these days? Such things only exist if your really good at thrift shopping or your name is Maria Pigeon lol,  that girl knows how to get all the good stuff :) 
Lavinya x

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March 23, 2014


H&M Single-Breasted Coat | Embellished Sequin Primark Top (old, similar here & here) | Primark Skinny Jeans (Not Available Online, Similar) | Next Brogues (No longer on website, Similar here) | Tartan Scarf | Zara Bag (Similar)

Sometimes nothing beats a phone selfie, simple and photographer-fuss free and y'all know when you take the pic yourself you always end up looking better! - I've had this sequin top for ages but everything I teamed it with made it look blah but its been camping out in my wardrobe for far too long so when I bought these coloured jeans from Primark I didn't know I had picked a perfect item to collab my top with. I am a traditional blue denim and black jeans/trousers type of girl but spring calls for lighter colours and lately Ive been gravitating towards beige, khaki and even white! - I am so in love with my brogues, the most comfortable shoes ever. Next really are doing some great shoes this season and one of the few places that still do a size 6.5. I want another pair but in either pale pink or white and recently I've had eye on a pair of mules. 

     Hurry up payday ^_^
     Lavinya x

    ps: I am shamelessly obsessed with the selfie song by The ChainSmokers...*hangs head* what has happened to me lol, haven't seen it see it here  

March 18, 2014


5 MONTHS! I honestly didn't plan to be away for so longer, it just sorta happened. To pick up from where we last saw each other, would have been LFW AW13, such a bitter sweet time for me because while I was enjoying my first catwalk shows, hanging out with fellow bloggers all around the same time as my bday, I was also going through a really bad break up. I could hide it from you guys, write a post that says "I'm Back!" type some pleasantries & pretend I was gone because I'm a bad blogger but I'd like for my blog to ultimately be my online diary where I share the good & the bad because life isnt just about what I bought, where I bought it and where I wore it I would love in many years to come for my children to look back on my blog, see how mummy suffered heartbreak, built a bridge & got over it.... hehe

I won't bore you the details but the aftermath was a neglection of everything concerning me. I became idle to put it simply. I let the whole situation suck me dry, dampen my motivation & I started to see all my passions/interests as chores, my activity on social media became less & less until voila 5 months hiatus! It was a message from a friend who asked me to feature on her blog that really make me think about what was going on with my blog, if I even wanted to blog. I couldn't even consider doing it because I felt like how can I speak about something I've not been putting into practice? Time really does heal all wounds & my perspective & focus has really changed towards putting all my energy back in me. Sometimes when things don't work out because you devote so much time in a person & get nothing in return it can leave you feeling some type of way. I'm done with feeling that way, I'm still open to love but everything has its time a place and now is the time for me how can I go wrong if I invest in myself? Ive been setting challenges for myself concerning mind, body and soul but I will be sharing more about that with you all in future posts! For now...


Shout out to my bro for taking my picture, thanks Nath :) 

H&M Oversized Jacket (no link, similar here & here) | Primark T-shirt (Mens) | H&M Skinny Jeans (Similar here) | Cut Out Buckle Boots | Sunglasses

This weekends weather has been all sorts of goodness! Saturday my mum and I decided to head to Covent Garden grab a smoothie from Costa Coffee, browse the shops and take a walk along the Southbank. As much as it was sunny it wasn't enough for me to go without an additional layer over my tshirt, I wore my new denim jacket from H&M for £19.99! In the past my denim jackets have always been a much darker blue wash, but the jacket had me at hello aka £19.99 & with its distressed/ripped details I thought it would be silly not to get it! - I hate the choice of tshirts for women in Primark, Nicki minaj tshirts are not really my thing but I picked this one up from the mens dept (they have a much better range) & I will admit to buying this tshirt simply because I liked the tie-dye effect & bold fickle lol - been dying to wear these boots from New Look I purchased last year, they've stayed unworn because I thought their not really "me" especially being a size 6.5/7 chunky boots are an enemy of progress, but I didn't want to send them back either look at the pwetty gold buckles! I have to say they are so comfy & now I'm wondering what the hell I was complaining about!

In my absence the blogosphere has continued spinning, OH MY GAW, LIKE HOW COULD YALL? LOL! Im joking ok but I have really enjoyed taking a backseat & viewing everyones posts and really appreciate everyone who stuck around on all my social media sites. Biggest Thank you to YOU!

PHEW! Give yourselves a pat on the back you made it through to the end! I know I say this every time I disappear and come back but I'm determined to be a better blogger, Ive even been considering making youtube vids...but one step at a time eh?! 

hehe love you guys 
L x