August 26, 2013


My presence on my blog has not been as consistent and as frequent as I have intended to be. I was off last week on annual leave and had planned to post so many things but my health was not up to scratch so I had to take a time out and sort that out. I seem to be suffering from headaches way too often and anyone who has experienced ongoing headaches will know you don't feel to do anything but lay in a dark room out of sight out of mind. 

Anyways while I sort out my head and I will be making a few changes to the blog, so bare with me some times you may click onto my site and find icons in random places, lol, pay no mind to it, it won't be done overnight and it may take some time because I still want to enjoy the lil piece of summer we may have left.

And with that said I hope your all keeping well. See you soon blog hunnies xxx


  1. Can't wait to see the new layout, and hope you get well soon!! :) xx

    1. :) Thank you Millie! its coming!!!!

  2. i really like your blog (:

  3. Hope you feel better soon!! stumbled across your blog today! absolutely love it xx

    The Duo xx

  4. Love the cleanliness of your blog, and also that Macbook Pro looks so fine haha. Thinking of giving myself one for christmas... who knows.xx

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  7. Your blog is already fab but can't wait to see the changes :)