June 27, 2013

R I P • P E D II

So these "Alexander Wang Dupes" have to be one of my favourite buys! I remember when and why I bought these...it was during my unemployed phase, I was fed up of filling out long ass application forms and not hearing back from anyone, tired of fake friends, tired of lack of support, tired of feeling broke, tired of not being able to shop, tired of being tired. So the cure for this? Retail Therapy.

Yes I was broke but I was determined to buy something, anything! I needed to feel like I could look at something see its price and not second guess myself...so I went onto eBay lol. I started bidding for a vintage leather jacket waaaaaay too early and of course lost the jacket and then...I came across these combat shoes that were on sale for £4.99! The more I looked at them the more I wanted them and then I noticed how similar they looked to Alexander Wang's Freja open toe boots from their S/S collection 2010.

Dupes HERE

My outfit was inspired by Ivy Sullivan from 90210. Yep. It was on TV, my sister refused to turn it over and then Ivy came on screen. I've always thought she has an effortless style, so I followed suit and banned all unnecessary accessories and kept it simple; tee, jeans and my trusty fedora and if I had them I would have added a kimono, real hipster vibe. I should have thrown away these jeans ages ago, but I'm a bit of an hoarder always convincing myself I will eventually wear them...couple rips and a spin in the washer and I am grateful to my hoarder ways, and even though Ivy wouldn't wear heels, Lavinya would. so there.

So I hope you will agree my boots are incredible and in case you were wondering the sides do fold down like the Freja's do. Personally it was the best decision ever and it really cheered me up when the came :). I love them I love them I love them and yes they are really comfy! 

June 25, 2013

R I P • P E D

Finally decided to wear my alexander wang dupes today! The sun was out, the weather was just right and thought it was about time I shake the dust from these boots. More on my outfit later.

Ok lovelies, I'm off to bed and going to catch up with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta...why do I watch that show?? they all be acting cray cray, hurry back Scandal I miss thee! 

Picture taken from my INSTAGRAM @lavinyaroyes

June 24, 2013


Feline Tee : eBay
Blazer : H&M
Dungarees : Primark
Bag : DKNY
Heels : Monsoon

Hello Bloggies! xx (I am cheekily backdating my posts) I wanted to share my outfit with you that I wore on the weekend for dinner with friends. 

I had one of those moments where I have known about the dinner for ages but didn't plan an outfit ahead thinking I have plenty of time, then the day came and so did a blank helpless look on my face as I stared at my wardrobe, dresser and clothes rail and thought "I have nothing to wear..."
Then inspiration hit and voila my outfit above. 

I was going to wear flats but my shoes called out to me and said "so umm I've been in this closet for bare time, just a question when am I going to see the light of day?" Tbh its a fair question I buy shoes they end up as decoration so I was really determined to break a bad habit.

Btw I ended up with blisters....but eh NO PAIN NO GAIN.

**thanks to everyone for such a great response to my last two outfit posts means alot, I am thinking of doing a giveaway to show my appreciation for all your love and support so subscribe and stay tuned**

June 12, 2013


Hey bloggers! I posted on my instagram this morning (follow me @lavinyaroyes ) and a lot of ppl on my instagram, twitter and tumblr asked me where my jerseys are from so I thought it only right I share that info with you guys too! 

Chicago 1973 Varsity Top - eBay.co.uk
NY Oversized Top - Choies.com 
Michigan Jersey - Primark

Hope you guys are well! I am back to work after having last week off in the glorious sun! Don't worry I will be back soon to fill you guys in just let me get my feet on track with balancing employment and blogging! anywhoooo have a great day! 

What do you think of the oversized jersey trend? Yay or Nay?