May 20, 2013


So if you know anything about the gospel music scene you would know/ heard of Mali music. Amazing vocalist, sing/songwriter and just anointed full stop. I had the pleasure of attending "Mali Music and Friends" at The Forum, Kentish Town, on Saturday with my boyfriend. I had bought tickets but lil did I know I wouldn't need them as the bf ended up performing on stage! The whole day was amazing and all the artists brought their A-game to the stage, the whole event really inspired me to make a conscious effort to create music again. With a full time job and ridiculous rota its really hard to do anything outside work, that includes blogging, but I'm determined to not let my time be spent on routine, because letting your talents go to waste is exactly that...a waste. 

I usually opt for comfortable flats when attending concerts, but I wanted to look glam and surprisingly these boots were really good to me throughout the night. I love this shirt too and I got a lot of compliments on the night. Primark does it again!

Here are a few pics of the night, unfortunately I was unable to capture everyone who performed that night.
Clockwise: S.O the Kid, Astar and S.O the Kid wetting the crowd with his super soaker (trust me bare girls were not impressed: protect yo hair gurl!", Jahaziel, JWilliams and Etizz performing.
Mali music and Friends.

If you've never heard of Mali Music I really recommend you google/youtube him NOW, especially his new single "Ready Aim" which has literally become my new motto for living my life.

Its time to go after what you want! READY, AIM, FIRE!

May 16, 2013



No doubt we have all seen the "CELINE" slogan top on a few blogs/instagram and I was ready to join the club until I spotted this quality dupe of designer Brian Litchenburg's "FELINE MEOW"t-shirt on eBAY. I really want the "HOMIES" slogan top too!

I bought these jeans from uniqlo lightyears ago but as time goes on I have liked them less and less, that is until i ripped them :) Now I can't imagine throwing them away and want to rip them even more. 

The boyfriend bought me these heels from Zara earlier on in the year, I'm sorry I didn't take a side view of these platform beauties because the heels on them are mega impressive but the platform sole make them easy to walk in and the colour of them doesn't show up well in the pics but its the perfect plum colour!

And of course I had to purchase the infamous lion head necklace, no outfit is complete without a bit of curb chain!

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Oh you lucky people loool xx

May 05, 2013


 Dungarees-Primark (outfit ideas can be used for both long & short leg styles)

Welcome to a new series on my blog "HOW TO: STYLE WHAT YOU HAVE" its so easy to cram your wardrobe full of clothes and buy the latest trends because their popular...but do you know how to wear them?

I love nothing more than to have my own fashion show in my bedroom, shocking out to music, trying on all my clothes, making a mess and when I'm done kicking them to one side so I can climb into bed to sleep. Sleep now clean later is the moto or even better push it to one side of the bed and sleep on the other (I'm joking!.... -_- I'm really not though)... So what kind of blogger friend would I be if I didn't bring you in? 

Its definitely hard sometimes to make a piece of clothing more than a trend but also a reflection of your own style but thats what I believe fashion is: an expression of ones style. So allow me to express myself and in case you didn't already have an idea on how to make your dungarees look more modern chic than plumber chic from my last post heres some more outfit inspiration.

Its my pleasure to save you from looking like bob the builder.

Disclaimer: Bob the builder is a badman still....

Outfit1 "FESTIVAL CHIC"| Hat, Gold ankle cuffs from ebay, Leopard print heels by Monsoon, Ebay "lennon" sunglasses, Oversized clutch bag by Primark, Black crop top Primark and Textured "shaggy" jacket from Monsoon. substitute the heels for wellies and the clutch for a satchel and voila! ultimate festival outfit ^_^
Outfit2 "PREPPY SUMMER"| Round glasses eBay, Lace top H&M, Necklace Accesorize, Houndstooth blazer from Rokit (£10!), Platform Sandals, frill socks and quilted bucket bag all from Primark.

Outfit3 "DENIM X COLOUR POP"| Floral top Monsoon, Rucksack from Primark, Bangles Primark and eBay, Fuchsia pink heels from Barratts.
Outfit4: "RETRO ROCKER"| Sleeveless faux leather jacket (DIY shoulder studs) Primark, sunglasses as before, Retro pepsi tshirt from Primark, Spiked necklace from eBay, Studded bumbag Primark, Nike blazers (customised) from NIKE I.D.

Which look is your favourite? Let me know below! x

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May 04, 2013


Dungarees, Top & Belt - Primark
Heels - New Look
Wide Brimmed Hat -
Bag - French Connection

Hello May beauties! My new job is kicking my butt at the moment and I have felt blog deprived all of April, currently in bed as I type lol, but I am determined to be more active this month. Tiredness will not get the best of me or my blog so here is the first post of the month! Yaaaaaay!

I finally own a wide brimmed hat, its my favourite accessory at the moment, so happy with it I want to wear it all the time :) I bought it from and I could hardly contain my excitement when it arrived. Its such good quality and I even got an extra 20% the price just by registering my email!

Putting a spin on the monochrome trend with a lil denim and after months of heavy clothing its time to bare a lil skin and heel strut without fear of losing your feet to frostbite! Hello May, glad your here.

Look out for more styling/outfit ideas for dungarees tomorrow. 

Bye for now!