April 07, 2013


Yesterday was the first time it felt like Spring! More sun please! Mum and I decided to go out for a walk along the Strand, plus I had a few returns to do at Primark, or should I say exchange and pay the difference; as I ended up buying more

1. White bomber jacket, £7 - Ive begun to fall in love with white details, its so fresh especially for spring. I bought this jacket in a size 16 to give an oversized look.
 2. Black & white striped joggers, £9 - I was going to buy the popular side striped trousers until I saw these out of the corner of my eye, they remind me of a pair Ive seen in F21 
3. Slogan tee, £4 - You may have seen the original slogan (taken from a "The Motto" song) tee on tumblr I do actually prefer this version despite the lil change in words.
4. Koi print blouse, £12 - I saw this shirt a month ago but had no money *boo* and then I saw it yesterday but there were none in my size but I didn't care I bought a size 14 and it looks amazing.
5. Red & white sleeveless tie-front shirt, £8 - I went to show my mum a midi dress Ive been wanting for a while from American Apparel here, I also fell in love with their oversized shirts in every print but they were way outside what I'm prepared to pay for a blouse...then along came Primark, I bought it in a size 14 again for an oversized style.
6. Large envelope clutch, £3 - Was on-sale, large and white. Tick, tick, tick.
7. Striped polo crop top, £3 + 8. Orange polo crop top, £2.50 - Ive bought a few from ebay already but the orange colour called to me and I answered. :) and I seem to be potty about stripes.
9. Jacquard print cigarette trousers, £16 - I would never had looked at these and then my mum picked them out; she hates to buy things without having tried them on, so for the first time in a looooooong time I used the fitting rooms. They fit amazingly! I absolutely love them. Mums always right eh?! Similar here.
10. Striped midi dress, £10 - Its so soft to touch, falls at my calves, gives my body curves and the price is not bad either!
Find items here: Brandy Melville || Zara || American Apparel || Asos

Primark are really taking a portion of my salary lol but with a saving of nearly £100 and wardrobe of the latest trends I can't really complain!...gotta love Primark!

Lavinya xx

April 03, 2013


Stripe Crop Top, £4 || NERD Tshirt, £4 || Alphabet Print Shirt, £12 || Denim Skater Skirt, £8 || Khaki skinny Jeans, £7.90 || Boyfriend Tee (in black, blue and coral/orange), £3.50 each
Dungarees, £17 || Gem Necklace, £4! (Fav piece!) || Blue Short Sleeved Knit, £5 || Mint Sheer Knit, £6
Accessory Hanger, £4 || Printed Bandana, £1.50 || Triangle Earrings, £1.50 || Hoop Earrings Set, £1 || Lace Socks, £1.50 || Frill Socks (I also bought them in black) £1.50 || Rollers, £1 || Hair doughnut, £1 || Orange Ring & Earrings, £2 & £1.50 || Turquoise Earrings, £1.50 || Plaited Belt, £1 || Mirrored Gold Waist Belt, £3.00
Everytime I think I am done with Primark I find myself back in the shop refusing to carry a basket in order to minimise how much I am buying and failing miserably. I can't help it. I love Primark. My sisters and mum shop at Primark occasionally, in fact buying at Primark is a last resort for them. I see the potential in Primark clothing, they see the convenience...
...and I suppose Primark is both, especially lately when money has been tight and I'm still trying to look fly on a budget lol. 

While putting this post together I realised how many spring items I have bought. Odd seeing as its 2 degrees outside, regardless, I really like the fit of the "boyfriend tee" its loose without being too baggy and they go well over a pair of skinny jeans, leggings or disco pants or even shorts, I had to buy them in other colours too! They also come in white and grey.

My beloved dungarees, I almost battered someone for these dungarees, no I lie lol I did not batter anyone and do not condone the action of battering anybody *disclaimer* nobody was battered in the process of purchasing these dungarees...but..I am obsessed with them lol. I searched a couple vintage shops and they were always priced around the £30 mark, I just couldn't justify it and then along came Primark for half the price :)

The turquoise necklace...OH EM GEE. I love statement jewellery and at first I was like this is so OTT, but whats wrong with OTT its gorgeous, sparkly and I can't wait to pair it with the pastel knits or a white shirt.

I want to try more things with my hair hence the doughnut bun and rollers. And there was never any question the mirrored belt was not coming home with me, Ive already tried it on with a few dresses already *thumbs up* perfect item.

I need to buy another accessory hanger it is so handy for all my most worn belts and scarves. 

Have your purchased anything from Primark lately?