February 16, 2013


So yesterday was the first day of London Fashion Week and since I don't have any passes for shows I had accepted my fate and set my hopes for attending in September (God Willing!). I was moping about on instagram and someone encouraged me to go anyway just to soak up the atmosphere, I ran the idea by my sister as a joke but then she agreed, so we went and I'm so glad we did!
The queue for the PPQ Show went around the screen and up some stairs!

 First off...it was super intimidating, we had no idea what we were doing, initially I thought I would see if there were any stylish people about and snap a few outfits and hopefully bump into a few bloggers! But I seriously froze, there were loads of people dressed up, looking the part! A few peoples outfits caught my eye but I was too scared to ask them for a picture. How crazy is that!?  After some courage from my boyfriend and my sister, I spotted a few bloggers/instagram ladies and took a few snaps!

The gorgeous model was so lovely to talk to, having been to some castings earlier she had stopped by to take some snaps too! If you've never checked out her blog you must, she has serious style and I have designer style envy every time she's posts. Her blog is Bisous Natasha.

I wish I had got Promise to show her clutch bag because it was so beautiful but you can check out her full outfit on her blog Follow Me In 5inch Heels. We follow each other through instagram, so it was so nice that she remembered me. She looked stunning and you guys really must check out her blog. I want all her Virgos Lounge clothing!

I also caught a short glimpse of Melissa from Melissa's Wardrobe and Drey from A Stylists Notepad, and I had hoped on meeting Frankie from Even Though I'm Skint but I totally missed her, we'll meet soon though!

So moral of the story! Be brave and be spontaneous. You never know who you might meet! And fingers crossed, come September I can meet them all again and be brave enough to snap few people too!

Ok guys I'm going to get back to my "Scandal" marathon, just finished season 1 and onto season 2 now! Whoooo that program is my new ish! 

Have a good weekend xxx

February 11, 2013


According to a leaked email, a list of dress rules and regulations was sent to those attending the Grammys 2013 this included "thong type costumes are problematic"and "see-through clothing that could possibly expose female breast nipples". Well some listened and some obviously did not but I think its safe to say that this is the most prim and proper we have ever seen them in recent history. 
Some stars really made an effort, while as others...well lets take a look at who I think earned the title of best and worst dressed for the women and men, I also included a "Meh" category as some looks really divided my opinion. So...


These two ladies were by far the best dressed that night. RED CARPET WINNERS!

Rihanna in Azzedine Alaia, Rihanna ignored the dress code and showed up in layers of red chiffon that just barely covered her chest area lol. I love red on her and she clearly knows what works for her dressed head to toe in red and matching bold lips and golden ombre hair.  The look screams old movie screen siren, sure winner.

Kelly Rowland in Georges Chakra Couture, She wowed me at the Super Bowl and then slayed me in this cut out black dress. Everything about this outfit is just right, it hugs her body, shows off her curves, sexily shows off some skin and her hair make up and jewels set off an already statement gown. 

Carrie Underwood in Robert Cavalli flawless look nothing to criticise.
Taylor Swift in J Mendel Americas girl next door turned it up a lil and still looked demure.
Estelle in Genelle Brooks x Love Collins, reminds me of ankara print I like the representation of heritage.
Solange in Ralph & Russo Couture, the trendsetter always gets it right. Love the pop of red heels I would have added that to her lips too, but overall great look.

This only because I don't think they deserve to be labeled the worst dressed, but they definitely were not on their best game. 

Beyonce in Osman, Queen Bee was not on form don't get me worn the trouser suit is amazing, that flash of white and the mismatch sleeves gives a twist to the conventional trouser suit...but for the Grammys it was boring. Perhaps she's saving it for the Mrs Carter Tour...
Katy Perry in Gucci, also ignored the dress code lol. I do like this dress I love the detail embellished neckline but I would have preferred a closed chest higher neckline making those embellishment adorn her neck and make the dress even more figure hugging. She's got the looks for it though and the dark hair...stunning.
Alicia Keys in Azzedine Alaia, wow girl getting a lil more risky I like but I didn't like the hair and from her hips onwards the cut of the dress looked funny....looks like Rihanna got the better pick of dress...
Janelle Monae in "wearing ideas" I love the Moschino gold lapelled tuxedo blazer. But those trousers look tight and are too long. Would have been better with something more harem-y to show off her shoes and break up all this long tailoring on her *sigh*


Adele in Valentino its nice to see her out of black but this dress did nothing for her shape, kinda washed her out a lil. Like the matchy shoes though...
Jennifer Lopez in Anthony Vaccarello havent we seen this look before JLO? Theres no style evolution with her. I don't like. If anything her thigh was the only thing that saved this look because her bun looks like "struggle" JLo can afford to do more. (sorry if that was harsh lol)
Florence Welch in Givenchy her face says it all. But for real poor choice reptile mixed with spike armour in green...yea I was right the first time, her face says it all.

Now on to the men...*hubba hubba*


Chris Brown in Lanvin , the white suit sure made a statement on the red carpet and he carried the look to his shoes too. Against Rihanna they were the best dressed "couple".
Justin Timberlake in Tom Ford, sporting the monochrome trend bringing sexy back in his suit and (bow)tie s**t. Was I the only one so happy to see this guy back on stage performing! 
Frank Ocean in Dior I love the play on a varsity/bomber jacket in blazer form. Sports luxe in black tie form, I like!
Trey Songz in Moschino the guy knows how to wear a suit. yuuuuuuup!
Miguel in Lanvin, this guy is just all types of fine, like Cbreezy he turned up in the Lanvin white suit...awkward? not really Miguel teamed his with Prada studded creepers. He made the suit his own.


Ed Sheeran in Burberry, waving the flag for us Brits in a great suit but its the Grammys, you could have least put some sculpting gel in your hair and worn shoes...
Neyo in San Laurent, gorgeous silvery/grey blazer but we've seen this look before Neyo, we need moooooooooore.
2Chainz in Versace, dipping his style feet into couture with a matador look, patent leather shoes with tassels. Its different. Its not great, but its different.


Sean Paul, really? your a veteran you should know better than to wear trainers at this event. Big no. And your hair? The medallion? I don't know Mr Paul.
Redfoo from LMFAO, I'm all for staying true to your style but the three quarter length trousers complemented with zips are a no no. Like the loafers though.

So there you have it the best, the worst and the "meh". Maybe you agree, maybe not! 
Let me know who your favs were! Who's dress would YOU have worn! LET ME KNOW!

Lavinya xxx

To see a 360 degree view of all the celebs outfits head HERE

February 10, 2013


Hey guys y'all don't mind if I post this now, do you? Yes I know February is already well under way but you can't miss out on my wish list!? I am totally obsessed with pullover sweatshirts and there are so many designs its hard to choose from! The 90s clothing is truly back with a vengeance and its a welcomed and popular look amongst us fashionistas! 
Heres a few picks that have caught my eye! Maybe some will spark an interest with you too!

1. Shade Sweatshirt :: HERE • 2. Reebok Classics :: HERE • 3. H&M Bag :: HERE • 4. Trapster Beanie :: HERE  
5. FUDOUBLECK Sweatshirt :: HERE • 6. BHS Knocker Earrings :: HERE • 7. Casio Watch :: HERE  
8. Topshop Mom Jeans :: HERE • 9. RHUDE Bandana Tee :: HERE • 10. H&M Sandals :: HERE (BARGAIN!) 
11. Triangle Curb Chain :: HERE  • 12. ebay Leggings :: HERE 
13. Educate Elevate Sweatshirt :: HERE (This brand has a true 90s vibe!) • 14. New Balance :: HERE  
15. Feline Sweatshirt :: HERE (Love the range of colours!) • 16. Ebay Circle Sunglasses :: HERE  
17. Jeffrey Campbell Freda :: HERE (The heel on these are EPIC #thatisall) • 18. Asos Lion Rings :: HERE (Adjustable!)  
19. AA Neon Polish :: HERE (LOVE LOVE LOVE) • 20. Crop Sweater :: HERE • 21. Backpack :: HERE  
22. Black Rose Scarf :: HERE (Use as a Turban on Bad hair days! lol)  • 23. Stack Bracelet :: HERE  
24. Topshop Bomber :: HERE (buynowregretNEVER) • 25. Camera Lens Mug :: HERE (I want this sooooo bad!)  
26. eBay Crop top :: HERE • 27. Shearling Denim Jacket :: HERE (Onsale now! But Ive seen some nicer ones in Rokit)  
28. Flatform Pumps :: HERE 


Thank you guys so much, can't believe I have just under 60 followers I am so grateful that you guys have chosen to follow and take an interest in my blog! Thank you to everyone who even takes the time to leave a comment it really does make my day! I hope to have a lot more content this year and I'm working on being consistent!

Thank you guys soooo much and see you guys in the next post! 

Lavinya xx