January 28, 2013

THE WEEKEND:26|01|13


One of my aims for the blog is to do more fashion/ootd posts but its so hard to get good pictures with my digital camera and it gets so dark during the day. So as always I took advantage of my boyfriend (wait...that doesn't sound right...lol) and his canon and got him to take some pictures for me during our weekend together.

It was absolutely freezing on saturday; cold, windy bleh! I wanted to wear my camo jacket, but in this weather you would have to be bonkers, so it was a perfect opportunity to layer up! My blazers were a gift from my boyfriend, he had them customised with zips and my name on the back! "Vinny Royes" lol. This was my first time wearing them and they are so comfy, my love for trainers is increasing...

I've had this bag from Dorothy Perkins for a few years but never worn it, my boyfriend always wears backpacks but I always feel awkward but it being a new year and all I want to make use of the things I have rather than let them gather dust! Hands up how many of us do that!?? EXACTLY! Since my clear out I realised I have a lot of items that I love but just don't wear! So its time to make use of them even if they are out of my comfort zone, might as well get my moneys worth!

Hope you're all well!

 Polo :: The Sting
Leggings :: Disco Pants by AA
Hoodie :: Mens Clothing Outlet
Jacket :: Vintage
Fur Stole :: Monsoon
Trainers :: Nike ID
Curb chain & bracelet :: eBay
Gloves :: Leather Sample Sale
Bag :: Dorothy Perkins (old)

 Lavinya xx

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January 23, 2013


Woop! 1st wish list of the year of stylish goodies. I have really fallen for the printed shirt from MinkPink and I really have to have it, same with the fur coat and bag! Did you find something that you like?
I can't seem to find one on the high street anywhere. I need it!
Fur Coat 
I'm thinking vintage white shirt and leather pants.
Chanel Black Velvet Nail Polish
Ciate Cavier Nail Beads
I want to try matte nails and with the micro beads so fingers crossed tutorial soon!
Chanel Chance
Ive heard only good things about this perfume!
Polaroid Camera
I love taking pictures but I hardly get them printed cos of the hassle! Instant camera is just what I need! 
Accessories: Earrings & Bangles
I like the look of stacked bangles and earrings have this great cut out design.
Brogues with a twist check out the glass under those! They are magical!
Printed Shirt
I saw this shirt in a vid haul by NiaSays (on youtube) and I hunted it down...now all I gotta do is get some money lol
Satchel Bag
I love this bag! The print gives it character and I just wannit! *cries*
Chanel Rouge Allure
Deep, dark, sexy...#thatisall.
I need leather trousers! NEED! NEED! NEED!

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Lavinya xx

January 22, 2013


I was tagged by Cherri from British Female Addicted To Retail (see her answers HERE) who was nominated for a Liebster Blog Award (congrats!), who then nominated me to do the tag! 

So what do I have to do?- Link back to the person who nominated you
- Write 11 random facts about yourself and answer the 11 questions written for you!- Make up 11 new questions and nominate 11 other bloggers!


1. My nicknames are Vinny, Vinya, Dinya (only my bro calls me that), Lavvy, Lav, Lala (only my dad) LRoyes lol.
2. I broke a rib when I was 14 and because I played sports they never really healed properly so when i breath in deeply I can feel it click, it freaks people out lol! *party trick* lol.
3. I prefer sweets over chocolate. I love chocolate but gimme fizzy mix every time!
4. I have grandma tendencies and love watching shows like Columbo, Murder She Wrote, Diagnosis Murder and Quincy.
5. I hate ketchup and milk on their own, they have to be IN things for me to consume them.
6. Cheesecake is my favourite dessert so much so I have considered it to be my wedding cake lol.
7. I used to be a proper tomboy when I was younger head to toe tracksuits 24/7 I was really really good at football...then I discovered make-up lol.
8. I find travelling on the tube uncomfortable...where do I look? how many times will i read the advert above that guys head? that guys looking at me! where should i sit!? argh! argh! argh! *stress*
9. I failed my A levels and have a 2.1 degree in Pharmacology. *mind over matter*
10. When I'm a passenger in a car I ALWAYS fall asleep. No matter how much I try I visit sleepy land.
11. My first job was at 16 working for woolworths.

So there you go 11 random facts about me!



1.What is the best thing you have ever bought?
2. Describe your style in four words or less?
3. Which blogger do you love reading?
4. What do you like most about blogging?
5. What do you like the most about blogging?
6. Name a place you have always wanted to go to.
7. Favourite song of all time.
8. Monobrow or moustache? (idk it came to me i wrote it down lol)
9. What is your dream job?
10. What is the best thing you have ever ate?
11. The best advice you have ever received.

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January 21, 2013


 Before the weather got all frosty the snowman I caught up with some friends last week over Nandos. 
I wanted to wear something casual but still look like I had made an effort, so out came the midi to smarten up my tshirt. The fur collar is 2 years old but its a favourite in my wardrobe I instantly feel like a diva with it on and colour is so sexy! Teamed with red lips, my leather jacket and my heeled trainers, that hardly get any love these days and are back in on my shoe rack because in this snow wearing them would be a death wish. "aint no body got time fo' that!" lol. 

Tshirt :: Adidas 
Skirt :: Primark  
Jacket :: Fusion by Monsoon  
Fur Collar :: Monsoon 
Boots :: New Look

Oh and I forgot my blog is a year old guys! How could I forget! Thanks to everyone who follows and leaves comments I really do appreciate the support really does motivate me! Hopefully my blog will go from strength to strength this year!

Happy Birthday Blog!


January 14, 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Were already halfway through January but I haven't spoken to you guys for what seems like forever! 
So HAPPY NEW YEAR, again! Towards the end of 2012 I needed some time away from blogging and its been a nice lil break, so I thought I would share some of the photos I have taken since we last spoke and catch you up with my life lately.

1. My christmas tree :: 2. Enjoying a mince pie in my comfy pjs & furry slippers :: 3. Admiring the pretty christmas lights in Covent Garden 
4. Snapping away on xmas day-check the red combo! :: 5. Celebrating my loves bday on NYE and having our last meal of 2012 at "The Diner", so YUMMY! 
6. Braving the cold weather of 2013 :: 7. Trying to be healthy and catching up on my fav mags :: 8. Homemade nachos, over yum!
9. Sorting out my wardrobe space :: 10. Watching the snow fall in my garden, pretty :) :: 11. Warming up with some soup


SO, I ate a lot over xmas lol, warmed mince pies with cream are like a small bit of heaven to me yum, really not sure how many I ate lol! Now thats its the new year I really want to focus on my health not just looking good but feeling good, so more water, fruit, veg and the occasional pizza/burger lol.
I'm starting the 30 day shred on Monday (thinking of taking up yoga) so hopefully I stick to it! 

 Ive done quite a bit of sale shopping and thrifting which was fun! Ive been dying to eat at "The Diner" and  finally went with my Bf on NYE to celebrate his bday, oh their food is so good! I had a hotdog and man it was the best hotdog Ive ever had and the macaroni was delish!!!! (Not good for my new diet lol). Now that I am job hunting I spend an enormous amount of my day on my laptop but have become distracted/obsessed with YouTube *o-em-gee* I have subscribed to a ton load of YouTubers and have tags, daily vlogs, ootd and makeup tutorials coming out of my eyeballs...I LOVE IT! lol *note2self: must stay focused* I also decided that a lot of my clothing items are so unnecessary and it is time to get rid so some have gone to charity and the others I'm looking to sell so keep an eye out for some bargains coming hopefully before the end of this month.

I have a few goals I want to achieve in 2013 so working harder than ever to make them come true! This year requires a lot of discipline & self motivation wooo! I know a lot of ppl with exams ahead so if you have too I wish you all the best!

I feel ready for 2013, I've been away but hopefully I will be posting more often and pls leave your blog links so I can catch up on the blogosphere goings-on!!! Hope 18 days into 2013 has been great for you guys, its started snowing in London today, so "wrap up warm and enjoy the snow!" ;) see you in my next post!