October 26, 2013


A very very late post of my time at LFW in September. :/ I know I've been away for too long, but I was going through some thaaangs so please please excuse my absence. Forgive me? 
Good, now lets get on with it :)

Printed Suit - H&M
High Neck Crop - Primark
Fedora - Oasap.com
Necklace - Forever 21
Bag - Zara
Boots - Fusion by Monsoon

I've always loved watching the buzz around LFW from the comfort of my own home behind my laptop, but attending as a "blogger" was a whole new level to me! It was so exciting! Day 1 should have consisted of Fashion Scout - One to Watch catwalk show, Yeashin, Bernard Chandran and Yulia Kondranina, however the weather was truly pants and so I only made it to the first and last show. I am actually quite gutted I missed the Bernard Chandran show I heard it was really good Buuuuut I did get to hang out between shows with fellow bloggers JenFrankie and Melissa at the New Look Refuel Lounge in the Waldorf Hilton Hotel *swanky!*, which was the perfect place to unwind, escape the rubbish weather and get to know the bloggers behind the blogs and believe me they are all super nice! I got a lil addicted to raspberry Crusshberry smoothies and was pampered with a heavenly Elemis beauty hand massage and scored a £50 New Look voucher in the goodie bag too! So not bad eh?!

I learned a massive lesson on the do's and dont's of LFW blogging essentials, one being 1. Always always pack your phone, camera, electronic gadget chargers.  For making this biggest faux pas it is with deep regret I have no pics to show you of my time at the refuel lounge :( sorry guys! But here are a few pics I was able to take around Somerset House.

Sara + Helena - Helena's fantastic kimono
 Jen had some serious shoe game during fashion week, loved her vintage brogues (Below) and look at that fro!  :::    Shope and Shore from London's Closet  (too cute!)
It was so hard to get some good street style pictures, and having to juggle everything like an umbrella, bag, phone and camera did not make it any easier plus it rained so hard I think most bloggers retreated to the refuel lounge! Tip 2. Less excess luggage the better!

Jen and I snapped by PHOENIX magazine

I absolutely adore my suit and so happy I wore it to Day 1 of Fashion Week, I got a lot of compliments on it and even got snapped by a few people and interviewed too! I can't lie Day 1 left me in an exhausted but happy state of mind so I had a cheeky lie in the next day and missed Day 2....Trust me it was necessary.


On Sunday I attended the House of Oshae SS14 first off schedule LFW show at The Rag Factory. The collection was classy yet rebellious with tailored printed pieces, flashes of hot pink, slashed backs and plunging necklines. I loved the split open assymetric finish to the back of the tops and skirts and this even carried through to the cuff of the tailored trousers. This collection is not for the faint hearted, the pieces are bold and vibrant and make you instantly drawn to the female frame showing it off in a sexy, sultry way without being to exposing. My favourite piece has to be the open front dress suit HERE and props goes out to the model who wore the pinafore dress braless *werk ma!*. I think all the models who walked encapsulated the confidence of the collection. Lastly I loved how clean the styling was kept, no distracting accessories, slicked back hair and minimal face make up, leaving the clothes to speak for themselves with the help of bold orange lips. These cuties below were also lending a helping hand behind the scenes too.
                                                                                            Risa                                                                                          Jen + Frankie : Image taken from Jenelectro.blogspot.com

To find out more about House of Oshae check out their Twitter and Instagram.

 Next to come Street style pics and Part II of my LFW recap, stay tuned!

I know I'm super late with posting this stuff but fingers crossed you guys enjoy it nonetheless! 

Lavinya xx

August 26, 2013


My presence on my blog has not been as consistent and as frequent as I have intended to be. I was off last week on annual leave and had planned to post so many things but my health was not up to scratch so I had to take a time out and sort that out. I seem to be suffering from headaches way too often and anyone who has experienced ongoing headaches will know you don't feel to do anything but lay in a dark room out of sight out of mind. 

Anyways while I sort out my head and I will be making a few changes to the blog, so bare with me some times you may click onto my site and find icons in random places, lol, pay no mind to it, it won't be done overnight and it may take some time because I still want to enjoy the lil piece of summer we may have left.

And with that said I hope your all keeping well. See you soon blog hunnies xxx

August 08, 2013


Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Brown/Black | Sleek Contour Kit in Medium | Sleek Blush by 3 in Pumpkin |  Simple Mango Cleansing Wipes (smells gorge!) | Bioderma Sebuim H20 Micelle Solution | Barry M Polish in Matt White | Jergens Hydrating Moisturiser | Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Facial Scrub | Dove "go fresh" Blue Fig & Orange Blossom Body Wash and Soap Bar

I went to Superdrugs on the weekend and went a lil crazy in the beauty aisle so thought I would share what I am using this month! Cant wait to start using the Sleek contour kit so I can start looking like some of these instababes lol and the the blush by 3 in Pumpkin has a wicked coral/orange blush that I am looking forward to teaming with a orange lip liner I got from Kiko some months ago! Also you HAVE to try the soap bar it smells amazing and really gets me going in the morning!

 Have any of you tried any of these products before?

ps: to all my love and hip hop atl fans did you see steevie J give both Joseline AND Mimi a ring, is he maaaaaaaad! Joseline gave him a few deserved licks though looool!

Have an awesome day lovelies xx

August 05, 2013


They never spell my name right! lol
Bill's Food: Hummus & Tzatziki/ Marinated Half Chicken/ Vanilla & Raspberry Creme Brûlée/ Tea for Two

Bills score : 4/5

I have heard about Bills restaurant for while and originally me and my boyfriend had planned to visit the branch in Hoxton but we got too comfortable around the southbank and so we opted for the one in Covent Garden after stopping for some cheeky fraps from Starbucks! 

The weather is all kinds of beautiful but somehow I ended up in an all black outfit lol ah well! I was suprisingly ok and took my super high wedges out for a first time spin.

The food at Bills is gorgeous, the staff were so lovely, they changed one of my main dishes when I wasn't happy with it for no extra charge! and I am in love with their vintage/rustic interior. I would really recommend going and the prices are really affordable.

I hope the weather continues to be as warm as it is, its so uplifting to see the sunlight in the morning.
Anyways hope you like my outfit, I'm off to get ready for work *bore* lol

Have a great day beauties xxx

June 27, 2013

R I P • P E D II

So these "Alexander Wang Dupes" have to be one of my favourite buys! I remember when and why I bought these...it was during my unemployed phase, I was fed up of filling out long ass application forms and not hearing back from anyone, tired of fake friends, tired of lack of support, tired of feeling broke, tired of not being able to shop, tired of being tired. So the cure for this? Retail Therapy.

Yes I was broke but I was determined to buy something, anything! I needed to feel like I could look at something see its price and not second guess myself...so I went onto eBay lol. I started bidding for a vintage leather jacket waaaaaay too early and of course lost the jacket and then...I came across these combat shoes that were on sale for £4.99! The more I looked at them the more I wanted them and then I noticed how similar they looked to Alexander Wang's Freja open toe boots from their S/S collection 2010.

Dupes HERE

My outfit was inspired by Ivy Sullivan from 90210. Yep. It was on TV, my sister refused to turn it over and then Ivy came on screen. I've always thought she has an effortless style, so I followed suit and banned all unnecessary accessories and kept it simple; tee, jeans and my trusty fedora and if I had them I would have added a kimono, real hipster vibe. I should have thrown away these jeans ages ago, but I'm a bit of an hoarder always convincing myself I will eventually wear them...couple rips and a spin in the washer and I am grateful to my hoarder ways, and even though Ivy wouldn't wear heels, Lavinya would. so there.

So I hope you will agree my boots are incredible and in case you were wondering the sides do fold down like the Freja's do. Personally it was the best decision ever and it really cheered me up when the came :). I love them I love them I love them and yes they are really comfy! 

June 25, 2013

R I P • P E D

Finally decided to wear my alexander wang dupes today! The sun was out, the weather was just right and thought it was about time I shake the dust from these boots. More on my outfit later.

Ok lovelies, I'm off to bed and going to catch up with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta...why do I watch that show?? they all be acting cray cray, hurry back Scandal I miss thee! 

Picture taken from my INSTAGRAM @lavinyaroyes

June 24, 2013


Feline Tee : eBay
Blazer : H&M
Dungarees : Primark
Bag : DKNY
Heels : Monsoon

Hello Bloggies! xx (I am cheekily backdating my posts) I wanted to share my outfit with you that I wore on the weekend for dinner with friends. 

I had one of those moments where I have known about the dinner for ages but didn't plan an outfit ahead thinking I have plenty of time, then the day came and so did a blank helpless look on my face as I stared at my wardrobe, dresser and clothes rail and thought "I have nothing to wear..."
Then inspiration hit and voila my outfit above. 

I was going to wear flats but my shoes called out to me and said "so umm I've been in this closet for bare time, just a question when am I going to see the light of day?" Tbh its a fair question I buy shoes they end up as decoration so I was really determined to break a bad habit.

Btw I ended up with blisters....but eh NO PAIN NO GAIN.

**thanks to everyone for such a great response to my last two outfit posts means alot, I am thinking of doing a giveaway to show my appreciation for all your love and support so subscribe and stay tuned**

June 12, 2013


Hey bloggers! I posted on my instagram this morning (follow me @lavinyaroyes ) and a lot of ppl on my instagram, twitter and tumblr asked me where my jerseys are from so I thought it only right I share that info with you guys too! 

Chicago 1973 Varsity Top - eBay.co.uk
NY Oversized Top - Choies.com 
Michigan Jersey - Primark

Hope you guys are well! I am back to work after having last week off in the glorious sun! Don't worry I will be back soon to fill you guys in just let me get my feet on track with balancing employment and blogging! anywhoooo have a great day! 

What do you think of the oversized jersey trend? Yay or Nay?

May 20, 2013


So if you know anything about the gospel music scene you would know/ heard of Mali music. Amazing vocalist, sing/songwriter and just anointed full stop. I had the pleasure of attending "Mali Music and Friends" at The Forum, Kentish Town, on Saturday with my boyfriend. I had bought tickets but lil did I know I wouldn't need them as the bf ended up performing on stage! The whole day was amazing and all the artists brought their A-game to the stage, the whole event really inspired me to make a conscious effort to create music again. With a full time job and ridiculous rota its really hard to do anything outside work, that includes blogging, but I'm determined to not let my time be spent on routine, because letting your talents go to waste is exactly that...a waste. 

I usually opt for comfortable flats when attending concerts, but I wanted to look glam and surprisingly these boots were really good to me throughout the night. I love this shirt too and I got a lot of compliments on the night. Primark does it again!

Here are a few pics of the night, unfortunately I was unable to capture everyone who performed that night.
Clockwise: S.O the Kid, Astar and S.O the Kid wetting the crowd with his super soaker (trust me bare girls were not impressed: protect yo hair gurl!", Jahaziel, JWilliams and Etizz performing.
Mali music and Friends.

If you've never heard of Mali Music I really recommend you google/youtube him NOW, especially his new single "Ready Aim" which has literally become my new motto for living my life.

Its time to go after what you want! READY, AIM, FIRE!

May 16, 2013



No doubt we have all seen the "CELINE" slogan top on a few blogs/instagram and I was ready to join the club until I spotted this quality dupe of designer Brian Litchenburg's "FELINE MEOW"t-shirt on eBAY. I really want the "HOMIES" slogan top too!

I bought these jeans from uniqlo lightyears ago but as time goes on I have liked them less and less, that is until i ripped them :) Now I can't imagine throwing them away and want to rip them even more. 

The boyfriend bought me these heels from Zara earlier on in the year, I'm sorry I didn't take a side view of these platform beauties because the heels on them are mega impressive but the platform sole make them easy to walk in and the colour of them doesn't show up well in the pics but its the perfect plum colour!

And of course I had to purchase the infamous lion head necklace, no outfit is complete without a bit of curb chain!

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Oh you lucky people loool xx

May 05, 2013


 Dungarees-Primark (outfit ideas can be used for both long & short leg styles)

Welcome to a new series on my blog "HOW TO: STYLE WHAT YOU HAVE" its so easy to cram your wardrobe full of clothes and buy the latest trends because their popular...but do you know how to wear them?

I love nothing more than to have my own fashion show in my bedroom, shocking out to music, trying on all my clothes, making a mess and when I'm done kicking them to one side so I can climb into bed to sleep. Sleep now clean later is the moto or even better push it to one side of the bed and sleep on the other (I'm joking!.... -_- I'm really not though)... So what kind of blogger friend would I be if I didn't bring you in? 

Its definitely hard sometimes to make a piece of clothing more than a trend but also a reflection of your own style but thats what I believe fashion is: an expression of ones style. So allow me to express myself and in case you didn't already have an idea on how to make your dungarees look more modern chic than plumber chic from my last post heres some more outfit inspiration.

Its my pleasure to save you from looking like bob the builder.

Disclaimer: Bob the builder is a badman still....

Outfit1 "FESTIVAL CHIC"| Oasap.com Hat, Gold ankle cuffs from ebay, Leopard print heels by Monsoon, Ebay "lennon" sunglasses, Oversized clutch bag by Primark, Black crop top Primark and Textured "shaggy" jacket from Monsoon. substitute the heels for wellies and the clutch for a satchel and voila! ultimate festival outfit ^_^
Outfit2 "PREPPY SUMMER"| Round glasses eBay, Lace top H&M, Necklace Accesorize, Houndstooth blazer from Rokit (£10!), Platform Sandals, frill socks and quilted bucket bag all from Primark.

Outfit3 "DENIM X COLOUR POP"| Floral top Monsoon, Rucksack from Primark, Bangles Primark and eBay, Fuchsia pink heels from Barratts.
Outfit4: "RETRO ROCKER"| Sleeveless faux leather jacket (DIY shoulder studs) Primark, sunglasses as before, Retro pepsi tshirt from Primark, Spiked necklace from eBay, Studded bumbag Primark, Nike blazers (customised) from NIKE I.D.

Which look is your favourite? Let me know below! x

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And if you haven't already check out yesterdays post HERE.

May 04, 2013


Dungarees, Top & Belt - Primark
Heels - New Look
Wide Brimmed Hat - OASAP.com
Bag - French Connection

Hello May beauties! My new job is kicking my butt at the moment and I have felt blog deprived all of April, currently in bed as I type lol, but I am determined to be more active this month. Tiredness will not get the best of me or my blog so here is the first post of the month! Yaaaaaay!

I finally own a wide brimmed hat, its my favourite accessory at the moment, so happy with it I want to wear it all the time :) I bought it from OASAP.com and I could hardly contain my excitement when it arrived. Its such good quality and I even got an extra 20% the price just by registering my email!

Putting a spin on the monochrome trend with a lil denim and after months of heavy clothing its time to bare a lil skin and heel strut without fear of losing your feet to frostbite! Hello May, glad your here.

Look out for more styling/outfit ideas for dungarees tomorrow. 

Bye for now! 

April 07, 2013


Yesterday was the first time it felt like Spring! More sun please! Mum and I decided to go out for a walk along the Strand, plus I had a few returns to do at Primark, or should I say exchange and pay the difference; as I ended up buying more

1. White bomber jacket, £7 - Ive begun to fall in love with white details, its so fresh especially for spring. I bought this jacket in a size 16 to give an oversized look.
 2. Black & white striped joggers, £9 - I was going to buy the popular side striped trousers until I saw these out of the corner of my eye, they remind me of a pair Ive seen in F21 
3. Slogan tee, £4 - You may have seen the original slogan (taken from a "The Motto" song) tee on tumblr I do actually prefer this version despite the lil change in words.
4. Koi print blouse, £12 - I saw this shirt a month ago but had no money *boo* and then I saw it yesterday but there were none in my size but I didn't care I bought a size 14 and it looks amazing.
5. Red & white sleeveless tie-front shirt, £8 - I went to show my mum a midi dress Ive been wanting for a while from American Apparel here, I also fell in love with their oversized shirts in every print but they were way outside what I'm prepared to pay for a blouse...then along came Primark, I bought it in a size 14 again for an oversized style.
6. Large envelope clutch, £3 - Was on-sale, large and white. Tick, tick, tick.
7. Striped polo crop top, £3 + 8. Orange polo crop top, £2.50 - Ive bought a few from ebay already but the orange colour called to me and I answered. :) and I seem to be potty about stripes.
9. Jacquard print cigarette trousers, £16 - I would never had looked at these and then my mum picked them out; she hates to buy things without having tried them on, so for the first time in a looooooong time I used the fitting rooms. They fit amazingly! I absolutely love them. Mums always right eh?! Similar here.
10. Striped midi dress, £10 - Its so soft to touch, falls at my calves, gives my body curves and the price is not bad either!
Find items here: Brandy Melville || Zara || American Apparel || Asos

Primark are really taking a portion of my salary lol but with a saving of nearly £100 and wardrobe of the latest trends I can't really complain!...gotta love Primark!

Lavinya xx

April 03, 2013


Stripe Crop Top, £4 || NERD Tshirt, £4 || Alphabet Print Shirt, £12 || Denim Skater Skirt, £8 || Khaki skinny Jeans, £7.90 || Boyfriend Tee (in black, blue and coral/orange), £3.50 each
Dungarees, £17 || Gem Necklace, £4! (Fav piece!) || Blue Short Sleeved Knit, £5 || Mint Sheer Knit, £6
Accessory Hanger, £4 || Printed Bandana, £1.50 || Triangle Earrings, £1.50 || Hoop Earrings Set, £1 || Lace Socks, £1.50 || Frill Socks (I also bought them in black) £1.50 || Rollers, £1 || Hair doughnut, £1 || Orange Ring & Earrings, £2 & £1.50 || Turquoise Earrings, £1.50 || Plaited Belt, £1 || Mirrored Gold Waist Belt, £3.00
Everytime I think I am done with Primark I find myself back in the shop refusing to carry a basket in order to minimise how much I am buying and failing miserably. I can't help it. I love Primark. My sisters and mum shop at Primark occasionally, in fact buying at Primark is a last resort for them. I see the potential in Primark clothing, they see the convenience...
...and I suppose Primark is both, especially lately when money has been tight and I'm still trying to look fly on a budget lol. 

While putting this post together I realised how many spring items I have bought. Odd seeing as its 2 degrees outside, regardless, I really like the fit of the "boyfriend tee" its loose without being too baggy and they go well over a pair of skinny jeans, leggings or disco pants or even shorts, I had to buy them in other colours too! They also come in white and grey.

My beloved dungarees, I almost battered someone for these dungarees, no I lie lol I did not batter anyone and do not condone the action of battering anybody *disclaimer* nobody was battered in the process of purchasing these dungarees...but..I am obsessed with them lol. I searched a couple vintage shops and they were always priced around the £30 mark, I just couldn't justify it and then along came Primark for half the price :)

The turquoise necklace...OH EM GEE. I love statement jewellery and at first I was like this is so OTT, but whats wrong with OTT its gorgeous, sparkly and I can't wait to pair it with the pastel knits or a white shirt.

I want to try more things with my hair hence the doughnut bun and rollers. And there was never any question the mirrored belt was not coming home with me, Ive already tried it on with a few dresses already *thumbs up* perfect item.

I need to buy another accessory hanger it is so handy for all my most worn belts and scarves. 

Have your purchased anything from Primark lately?