November 01, 2012


HEY GUYS!! I have a hair tutorial for you today!  CLIP IN EXTENSIONS.

Most of you probably already know how to use them but I struggled lol...but I love how fast I can go from short to extra long in just 10 mins, so its worth the effort! This look is defo a keeper for me, I'm not an expert but I thought I would share how I did mine and maybe you guys can share some tips with me! :)

I threw away the packet before taking the name of the hair I am using but from what I remember the hair is 100% human hair 14inchs in length and in colour 1B.

The tracks come in different widths and different number of clips attached to them (See pic below).
The 3 clipped tracks are what are used to cover the back of your hair first. The 2 clipped tracks help to fill in around the crown area and the tiny tracks with only 1 clip can be used to fill out and blend the sides of your hair, especially for those with really short hair at the front.

What you will need:
A comb
Hair clip or hairband (To keep hair sectioned off)
*The extensions should preferably be applied to clean flat ironed hair, this makes it easier to blend in.*

1. The hair already comes with snap on clips with teeth, make sure they are OPEN when you slide them in. 

2. To prepare for your first track, make a parting of about an 1inch of hair across the nape of your neck, clip the rest of the hair up. You can backcomb (gently) the hair right at the scalp to give the hair extension something to "grab" onto when secured. I didn't feel the need to, but if your hair is quite thin this may be a good step for you to do, just be gentle while doing so you don't want to encourage breakage.

3. Remember the hair tracks come in different lengths so take the time to measure which track should be lain first, it should fit from the left to right. When you have found the one that fits, slide the teeth of the clip into the hair right at the scalp, try to keep it as close to scalp as possible (mine is a little off lol).

4. Done it? Great you have competed your first track! Yaaaay!
Next step...

5. Repeat process 2+3 gradually moving up from your first parting until you have completely covered the back of your head. (At this stage you will have used all the tracks with 3 clips on them.)

6. Now at this point I thought it best to part my hair down the middle I attach the 2 clipped track nearer to my right ear, to help blend the front and back together.

7. Using the other 2 clipped track I attached it to my hair nearer my left ear.

8. Next decide where you want your parting, you can have a middle parting or a side parting, I decided on a side parting.

9. When I combed my hair down I noticed there was a dramatic difference between the back of my hair and the front. My hair at the front is shorter than the extensions so it looked like my hair had jumped from long to short unnaturally. So if you to have shorter hair like me then this is when we use the 1 clip tracks. Make partings at the side near your temples and attach them. Take your time and find out where to position the small clips to create a fuller and more natural look.
Side view pic: As you can see the hair looks like it gradually gets shorter, like my hair has been cut into this hairstyle rather than extensions were just applied! A more natural look.

AND THATS IT GUYS! This my first tutorial so I'm new to documenting each step but I hope my instructions and images help and are easy to understand!? Any more questions? Just ask below! 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Love Lavinya xx


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