November 22, 2012


I always liked the basic sandal Zara where doing during the summer, but the more and more people bought it the less unique and "special" it started to feel. Then Primark did their version and by then I was "so over it". Then pics on tumblr of the heels appeared on my dashboard day after day and my love for them returned but unfortunately stock in the shops had not. The heels were completely sold out in both Zara AND Primark and the only available were on eBay for some extortionate amount! I was gutted. I even posted up on my tumblr my disappointment. And then...

...while it rained in good ole London, my mum and I ran into Primark, Tottenham Court Rd to escape the downpour. My mums never been to the new one on Tottenham Court Rd, (My mum actually hates primark but she always likes what I get out of there) so while we waited for the rain to die down I showed her around and thats when I found them :)

      Primark, £12.00

I have been really down this week and I let the feeling get to me which is not like me at all, I really have not felt up to doing anything hence the lack of posts, but my new babies have cheered me up :) The lady at the counter even said "their very kim kardashian" well I love Kim so I"ll take it! I am in love with them I can't wait to wear them. Their my new sexy shoe and if I do say so myself even better than the originals??? Well I think so lol.

I have been shopping lately from eBay, Primark, Topshop and Urban Outfitters so look out for a future haul post! 
PS: Urban Outfitters are having an extra 20% off everything (including sale!) with FREE DELIVERY! Just enter code 20URBS at the checkout but hurry it ends tomorrow 10am! 

Happy shopping! & Happy thanksgiving to my US bloggers! xx


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    1. Thank you Alina! Primark are really stepping up! xx

  2. Anonymous12/10/2012

    Love these!!!

    <3 Her Reality