October 14, 2012


Images from Tumblr.

I really like the look of studded hats and there absolutely everywhere on Tumblr. 
I love this one from ROMWE.Com its gorgeous and the price is not bad either, but wheres the fun in that! 
I'm looking forward to customising my beanies, I ordered some studs from eBay not too long ago so when they arrive expect a DIY post to follow! I may even buy a plain cap to customise too...I'm actually really excited about this DIY project I can't wait to get started!

Studded jackets, studded shoes, studded jumpers and now studded hats. Yep studs are here to stay!

Lavinya xXx

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  1. Anonymous11/06/2012

    I'm obsessed also! I keep trying to find studs for cheap on ebay but I am having no luck :(

    Can't wait to see your studded beanies :D

    Ana xxx