October 26, 2012


Just found this on YouTube...I hope one day they make a mini coveteur of me lol!

Lavinya xx

October 24, 2012


1. Primark, Menswear £12  

Its been raining, miserable and cold here in London, summer is well and truly OVER. Sweaters are really good for the cold days, you can layer them and their handy for when you just cant be bothered lol. I took a bit of inspiration for this look from Karlas Closet (her look HERE) baggy sweatshirts and body con midi skirts, a genius way to dress up a casual look. 

Graphic tshirts and sweaters are so on trend at the moment so I am defo going to stock up on more. For those who don't know, the print on my jumper is of the 80's film classic "The Breakfast Club". Google it! Its a great movie!

Lavinya xx


1. Primark  2. Primark  3. Zara

Hey guys bought some new sweaters for the fall weather. The first 3 in the pic are all from Primark in the MENS department! I bought them all in a size M and they are my new favs! The black and white jumpers are so soft and yes their mens but they fit perfectly and tbh I much prefer them to the ones on offer in the womenswear dept. The red knit from Zara is a statement piece, the colour cannot be stopped! Bold red jumper + bold red lips = Winter look Perfection.

I am slowly building up my autumn/winter wardrobe and at the moment looking for that perfect winter coat! If you don't know most shops are currently having midseason sales so get down to your fav shop or online and see if you can't get a bargain or two!

See ya soon, Lavinya xxx

October 14, 2012


Images from Tumblr.

I really like the look of studded hats and there absolutely everywhere on Tumblr. 
I love this one from ROMWE.Com its gorgeous and the price is not bad either, but wheres the fun in that! 
I'm looking forward to customising my beanies, I ordered some studs from eBay not too long ago so when they arrive expect a DIY post to follow! I may even buy a plain cap to customise too...I'm actually really excited about this DIY project I can't wait to get started!

Studded jackets, studded shoes, studded jumpers and now studded hats. Yep studs are here to stay!

Lavinya xXx

October 13, 2012



Snapback Cap-New Era || Top-Primark || Waxed Pleather Trousers-Zara(Sale) || Necklace-Primark || Heeled Trainers-New Look(old) || Lips-Clinique Chubby Stick in Chunky Cherry & MUA Shade 1

 I was round my boyfriends the other day and seeing as his collection of hats is growing, just as big as the number of shoes I own!, I asked to have one to which he replied "yea ok....but you don't even wear them!"  He has bought me two and I must admit I don't wear them as often as I wear other hats...so when getting dressed this morning as I reached for my beanie his words jumped into my mind and I thought WHY NOT!

Couple of weeks ago I went shopping with my lil sis and we popped into the new Primark on Tottenham Court Rd where I picked up this great dipped hem top for only £4! I was going for a glam sporty look when I added the blingy necklace, also from Primark. I love this OTT necklace I know I will be wearing it a lot!

I hope you like the look, I am loving the 90s fashion era at the moment so you might see a lot more looks in that direction!

OH!! and what do you guys think about my new hair!?....their clip ins!!! sssshhhh i will tell you more about them next post! 

Toodles! Lavinya xx

October 10, 2012



Hey guys its been a while! hope you've been enjoying october so far! I sorry for the lack of posts been really busy since my bday so have not had the time to post. I tell you blogging is a full time job! lol! 
I have a few DIY projects posts I'm working on and massive haul that I think will include my bday prezzies :)


The weather here in London is a bit bipolar; raining one moment and sunny the next so this is my perfect look for fall. Comfy, simple and yet stylish and all from EBAY! 
The prices are cheaper than the high street so no excuses for not looking great this fall!!

Whats your perfect look for fall?

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See you in the next post!  L xxx