September 04, 2012


Hello Guys!

Hope you guys are cool, this is not an official ootd, I was trying on my buys I got recently when I was in westfield (as you do lol) and I liked the look so I thought why not take some pictures loool!

Top//Primark £12 ** Shorts//Zara Sale £9.99 ** Shoes//Monsoon (old)

 I went to Primark and fell in love with the studded collar on this polka dot shirt. Primark are really stepping up their game I'm loving their A/W collection and can't wait to start buying all the chunky knitwear. The shorts are from the Zara sale, I love the ruffle texture of the shorts! Zara are really killing my bank balance but all my purchases where worth the pennies! I thought I would break up the black with some pattern and added my leopard print shoes...cos everyone loves abit of leopard print! 

Sorry for the lack of posts I recently just left my job ( I will tell you all about it in another post) but safe to say I am very happy and that of recent has kept me really busy! I can't guarantee the posting will be more regular as now I have the task of actually looking for a job :) loool. Yep its all systems go right now but I am going to push myself because I feel I have been neglecting my blog.

I hope your enjoying the sun like I am :) Probably going to take a stroll down the southbank as soon as I finish watching "single ladies" and part 2 of the "love & hiphop" reunion :)

See you in the next post ^_^



  1. This is really nice, especially the shirt! x

    1. Thank you stephanie i love that shirt can't find studded collar shirts anywhere these days! x