April 30, 2012


Hi hunnies! Well like I mentioned in my last post I went to a wedding on Saturday that unfortunately had to leave early due to a really bad headache :( I was utterly disappointed because weddings only happen once and I had been planning and prepping for the day ever since I received the invite! Well the only thing that matters is that the bride and groom had an amazing special day and I am 100% sure they did :)

As I said I came home with a headache and I immediately fell into my bed in desperation to sleep it off. I didn't shake off the pain until around 3pm Sunday :( & to comfort me I caught up on some "reading" (lol)

I got these mags time ago but just haven't had the time to read them, so I did with a lovely cup of tea and a good breakfast :) There was also a free liquid & pencil eyeliner from Company Magazine too!

Hope you all had a good weekend too! :)



  1. How cute is your makeup bag?! N yuum yuum yuuuuuum @ the fruit

    1. thanks ^_^ and they were delish! trying to be good and stay away from the junk! lol