April 08, 2012

Introducing...My MacBook Pro

YES!!! FINALLY, I HAVE A MAC!!! If you read my post "Wish Upon A Star" you would know I've wanted a new laptop for sooooo long and not just any laptop, a MacBook Pro. I can't lie I didn't think I would be getting one anytime soon, but I decided to just bite the bullet, stop all the faffing and purchase this beautiful machine. Its the best investment I have ever made. Its my new baby lol. I have totally fallen head over heels for my MacBook and unlike my last laptop (R.I.P Acer laptop) no one can, has or will touch my laptop....no I'm serious...I still pack it away in its box when I am finished. -__-


Anyways, I've always heard you can't go wrong with a Mac and whoever said it was not wrong! I'm still getting used to the setup but I am already 100% sold. Sorry for the lack of posts, I tried my best to blog but my Acer would not co-operate :( but expect to see a lot more action on my blog, plus some backdated posts that I was unable to put up due to laptop issues which I firmly believe are finally resolved thanks to my new MacBook Pro... see wish lists do come true :)

lots of love, Lavvy xx

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